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Saturday, 24 September 2011

September Friday

We set out early on misty autumn morning, but by the time we reached Devon and the Blackdown Hills, the mist has lifted, the sun started to come through and we could enjoy the beautiful views of the hills, with just a hint of autumn colour. Our destination today was this month's Creative Stitches & Hobbycraft show at the West Point, Exeter.
It was very busy as always. I come here to stock up with the necessary essentials, but also to see what is new since the last show, and exhibitions which are a part of the show.

The Devon Lace group with Allhallows Museum in Honiton staged a lovely exhibition of lace from the museum.

I would love to be able to make bobbin lace, but it is just another thing I just haven't got time for.

Knitting has definitely made a comeback and this was also reflected at the show, with new yarn suppliers. I was mostly interested in a couple of Devon companies, supplying alpaca wool:

where I bought this beautiful mix of alpaca wool and silk for a pair of gloves. It feels fantastically soft and I can't wait to knit with it!

Another local company is The Little Wool Company, which I hope to buy some yarn from in the future.

Another interesting stand was "Devon Weavers". Weaving is another on my list of things to learn.

 Also "Chinese and Celtic Knots".
 I long time ago I bought a book about knots, but I found it very difficult to learn this craft from a book. Knots can have so many uses, from embellishments to jewelery making.

There was also a small exhibition of costumes from the first series of Downton Abbey.

After leaving the show, we drove along the coast and stopped for a late lunch at a very pleasant pub,
The Masons Arms in Branscome,

and later drove down to the Branscome beach for a walk, on a warm sunny afternoon.

We finished our afternoon with a pot of tea, sitting outside a restaurant, overlooking the beach.

It was a wonderful day.


  1. Radka, what an interesting time you had at the show. It looks a very pretty area.

    Bobbin Lace is an elegant and very old craft, it is something I would have liked to learn, but much earlier in my life.

    I am sure that you will create a warm and snuggly treasure with that alpaca wool

    Those Downton Abbey costumes! wow! Fancy being able to see them in person. I just love period films and the costumes...and those hats are to die for. Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful things.

  2. That was a great day ...looks interesting ....good luck with the gloves ....x

  3. Radka, I am always thrilled when you take us on one of your outings.

    The lace looks fabulous. It takes such skill and patience too I imagine.

    The beach would be lovely.

  4. The bobbin lace is so beautiful and fascinating. Sounds like you had a lovely day out in Devon. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. You've succeeded in turning me into a lovely shade of GREEN! LOL. Wish I could get to such wonderful places and exhibitions. I really love lacemaking and their tools too.

  6. Thank you Radka for take us along with you on another lovely day's outing and showing us such interesting things. Love the Downton costumes and the lace. Take care.

  7. What an interesting post Radka! And thanks for the exhibition photos, it was a bit like being there myself too!

  8. It has been lovely to join you on your outing to the show and the very nice stopping off places afterwards.

    As a somewhat lapsed lace maker, I enjoyed seeing the display. My bobbins are wound for a fresh start this Autumn (once weekly with a friend).

    I hope to visit the NEC exhibition in Nov, hope it is as good as the one you visited. Enjoy the new wool.


  9. Thanks for taking us with you on your tour.The dresses are so beautiful all of them.I would love to have one. For me bobbin lace and weaving belongs to younger ages, but I liked it very much.
    Kram Gudrun

  10. Oi amiga

    Vim agradecer sua visita, adorei!!!
    Obrigada, volte sempre.
    Lindos esses vestidos.
    Fique com Deus!

  11. Oh Radka, what a beautiful outing. Thank you so much for such glorious pictures. The lace makers have outdone themselves! I am like you and crave to learn these things, yet hesitate. I hope you managed to find all your 'necessary [!!]' supplies. The wool looks stunning. Thank you for links too, always nice to know where things are. The costumes are to die for. I'm with Shirley, love the hats. It all looked such a lovely outing, and the cuppa at the end would have been most welcome. Lovely photographs as always, thank you.

  12. Hi, Radka. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting and thanks for the pictures of the show. I've always wanted to do lace-making, too, but I don't see where I'd find the time. Gorgeous work you showed, though. And I'm glad knitting is making a come-back. Your yarn looks luscious.
    best, nadia

  13. Hello Radka, Getting back on here finally and seeing your photos about your day trip was just great,
    I love the fine work of the bobbin lace,beautiful! It looks so hard to do, the lace makers are so clever.
    On my trip away I bought some Alpaca wool also to add to my stash. It feels so soft.
    And a cuppa to end the day,how perfect,


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