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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

catching up

It seems like ages since I blogged about any stitching!

First of all - my granddaughter (age 11) also finished her wall hanging, her first one; 
you might remember - we started making the same project at the end of the summer holiday - same pattern, different ideas about fabrics and colours.

both together

Being away for a couple of weeks, we seem to had missed the best of the autumn colour;
a quick visit to Stourhead last week just proved the point - a sharp frost few days earlier brought down many of the beautifully coloured leaves.

But I did take several nice pictures, despite it being a very dull day.

We never go home without a quick visit to the farm shop.

At home it is a busy time in our small garden - new long bed of roses is being planted in the front of the house. 
At the back we changed alpine garden, which wasn't doing very well here; we planted an olive tree and grasses instead. There is also a "re-shuffle" going on in the rest of the garden -
we will have to wait until next summer to see if it all worked.

Our quince tree produced its second harvest, a big improvement on last year, but unfortunately we lost some fruit to the brown rot.  Never mind, we are learning.

Still, there is enough fruit to process,

quince jam,


and there is still quite a few in the fridge waiting for me to do something with them.

Today I finished block no 18 for Quiltmania's BOM "Les Fleurs du Mardi".

The end is near, only 2 more!

Do you remember my holiday project? 
It was a kit by Nancy Nicholson and I embroidered the nice bag the kit came in, before we went away. 

This is what was in the bag, "Cuckoo", a cushion cover embroidery kit, very easy stitching, with the design printed on the fabric, just the thing to take on holiday.
You can see more of Nancy's kits, if you click here .

But the weather was much warmer then expected, and even sitting outside on the terrace of our hotel, my hands were getting too warm, so this is all I managed!

It's OK, it is a nice project to have around when I don't feel like doing anything demanding!

I hope to see you back here soon!

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  1. Adorable wall hangings. Your granddaughter ust be so pleased. Your fall photos and other projects are beautiful too!

  2. what a talented granddaughter you have obviously inherited your skills 2 great wall hangings.
    Good to see you made to Stouhead before the display was over and thanks for sharing you know how much I love to see photos of this idyllic place.
    Owl is coming along well and your cooking is mouhwatering

  3. The wallhangings your granddaughter has sewn are so great.Hope she like to go on sewing.I think I have to make some jam me too,like the homemade.
    Good luck with the beautiful owl!!

  4. I have never seen anybody embroider on a fabric like you did with the bird and I like that a lot!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photographs. Fantastic! we could never paint it so well could we?

    Congratulations to your granddaughter, showing much talent, she can be rightly proud of her wall hanging, it's fabulous. (yours too - of course!)

  6. Úžasné obrázky.Závidím a doufám,že alespoň s jednou z mých vnuček (4roky,2roky a 6měsíců) budeme šít spolu.
    Jinak fotky jsou tradičně skvělé !!!!
    Moc zdravím,Mirka

  7. What beautiful Autumn pictures! And you've been busy in your kitchen as well as your sewing room. Love your block for Les Fleures du Mardi and your embroidery is stunning!

  8. Lots of lovlies to look at and Stourhead looking beautiful as usual. Great work from both of you on the wall hangings and your 'fleur' is quite beautiful. xx

  9. Such a wonderful idea to make the same wall hanging but with different fabrics and colours. Both looks just gorgeous. Nice stitching.


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