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Friday, 25 November 2016

more blocks and Vignette 13

We have been having some horrendous weather this past week, rain, wind, floods.....
Not the time to go out unless you have to, so I managed to catch up with with all the blocks of Les Fleurs du Mardi BOM;
 and I am curious to see how Quiltmania is putting them together.

block 19

block 20

I am sure many of you know "Vignette Magazine"; for those who don't, this is  magazine published by Leanne Beasley ; it should had been published every qtr, but it is not working quite like that.
I bought an early issue, but was very disappointed; I thought it was very overpriced for what was inside. If you have come across it, I would be interested what you think.

However, much later I saw issue 10, which had the first block of "Mrs Beasley's Sampler Quilt" BOM in it, to be published in 4 parts, and I got "seduced". I loved the design (the combination of patchwork and embroidery, which I love) and I got stitching. Later came block 2, and after some pause, block 3 in issue 12. That was more then 18 months ago! Since then I had been waiting for issue 13.
During that time there was no explanation as to when or if ever the next issue of the magazine will be published. Even magazine distributors (and my supplier) had not been given any more information, and Leanne Beasley wasn't answering any enquiries.
I was beginning to give up, thinking I would have to make up the last block myself.
It seems that Leanne was "too busy" with her new fabric collections, but at last the issue 13 has appeared, and I can finish the quilt.
So, I have pieced the last block together and started on the embroidery.

We are now short on daylight, and the days have been dull, so pictures are not as good as I would like them to be.
I will try to replace them another day.

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  1. I love your bright colorful blocks. Working on them must be nice on these short daylight days. Today is a sunny Saturday here in Japan and I'm planning to get out for a walk before settling down with my stitching.

  2. your blocks look great and the background fabric works so well with the vibrant flowers, not seen that before.
    The magazine is a new one to me, ot very professional how she issues it.

  3. Those "Fleure du Mardi" blocks look amazing. I too can't wait to see how they will all come together. And you are not the only one who has been waiting for the next instalment of "Mrs Beasley's Sampler" as a friend of mine has been very cross about it and even wrote to Leanne. I hope the weather will soon improve over there; we still have mostly nice weather, some fog in the mornings but it's usually sunny by the afternoon.

  4. More beautiful Fleur's! Do you know Pam of Applique Paintbox? She is doing a totally different quilt to you but the colours and look are so similar. I can send you a link if you like. Glad you have the final block for Mrs Beasley - it will be good to have it finished. xx

  5. Hello Radka, I can see how you became seduced with the blocks and happy you can now finish as the blocks and fabrics are beautiful .I wish you some nice bright clear days ahead.

  6. Oh my goodness...what charming work you do! I see you are making Le Fleurs de Mardi with quiltmania. I made some of those blocks in a recent quilt. Yours are wonderful displays of color and fabric. Also-don't you love how embroidery is making an appearance on quilts these days! Your butterflies are so lovely against the romantic fabric you have chosen. I like all your work!

  7. Hello
    Firstly I love the "Fleure du Mardi" blocks - but am avoiding any new temptations.
    I found your blog searching for any corrections to Mrs B block 4 - like you I got seduced into the sampler and have been waiting far too long to finish it off...I am wondering if you found the measurements of block 4 a bit wrong...I haven't started it yet - but a friend who is also making it has had a problem and a quick check on paper indicates that there are a few errors...so am just curious. I am just working on the design layout provided ...maybe the "text" part clears that up - haven't looked at that...


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