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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

It is cold; last night was the coldest night so far, with a heavy frost; we woke up to white roofs and frozen windscreens - so glad I did not have to go out early this morning. 
But the sky was clear and blue - just the right day for a walk in the local park.

Some of the autumn colours is still holding on here.

The embroidery on Mrs Beasley's Quilt is coming along nicely; 
I really want to finish this one this year and tick the box.

Another very cold night is here, around -5C, cold enough for us :-)

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margaret said...

we are certainly having cold nights but yesterday it was glorious in the sun very cold out of it though, colours still looking good in the park and your quilt is coming along beautifully it looks so delicate

Juliettecherry said...

Radka, you have such an eye for taking beautiful photographs. I always enjoy them. The quilt is very pretty indeed. Keep warm!

Lin said...

Lovely photographs - it's cold here too at night but beautifully sunny during the day. Such pretty embroidery. xx

Rachaeldaisy said...

We're having hot days here so it's lovely and refreshing to see your cool winter photos. The garden is really putting on a wonderful show. Your embroidery really adds a special touch to your project.

Brigitte said...

The same here - very frosty night since the beginning of the week - winter seems to have arrived. Great pictures that you show.

Cheryll said...

Gorgeous pic of the flowers in bloom...xox

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