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Monday, 1 May 2017

A long weekend here in UK; we had some rain (yes, it would come over the weekend), very welcome, our garden took a deep breath and soaked up as much as it could,
because the rest of the week will probably be dry again ūüėě.

I had a productive weekend - four more Courthouse Steps blocks, some hexies and yoyo's, both for Calling All Birds quilt.

And at last I have started working on the Scheepjes CAL 2017 - 
the first week, well behind, of course.

It took me a little while to workout how to make the bobbles to "pop", but I got there in the end.

Earlier today was jut the right morning for a walk in the local park.

I don't know if anyone of you here in UK watched recent TV "Spring Watch"  program, this time from Japan, all about the "cherry flowers" season, spectacular pictures.
In our old garden we also had a flowering Japanese cherry tree, so it was very tempting, watching the programme, to get another one for our new garden. Unfortunately our tiny garden just can't accommodate another large tree, but not all is lost. 
Few days ago a new addition arrived into our garden, 
a dwarf variety, more a shrub then a tree - "Kojo-no-mai"; if not pruned, it will grow only up to about 2 meters.  It has found a new home in our shrub corner.  

It has masses of tiny flowers, and a spectacular autumn leaf colours.
This very healthy plant arrived from Ashwood Nurseries ( a regular Chelsea exhibitor).

It is worth mentioning here, that I feel very confident about buying plants on-line these days.
I find that local nurseries are good for the run of the mill stuff, but if I am looking for something specific, I look for it on the Internet.
Most of our larger plants, including new trees, have come from on-line shops, places like, Trees On-line , Ornamental Trees , Keepers Nursery , to name just few.
Even some perennials, and annuals, I buy from Sarah Raven , violas from Wildegoose Nursery .
There are many more, of course, but the above are the ones I can recommend personally.
They all supplied very healthy plants; in the rare event of a problem, it was put right very quickly. After some initial teething problems, the packaging now is first rate, sturdy and recyclable, and all our plants (and trees) have arrived quickly and in a good condition.  
Many of the above are regular Chelsea exhibitors, and they have their reputation to protect.
There is one nursery, another Chelsea regular, which we are lucky to have within a driving distance - 
Kelways Nursery  in Langport, on the Somerset Levels. They specialise in peonies and irises; when looking for ornamental grasses for our garden, we also found a large selection at Kelways. 

I wish you all a very productive week; here in UK we might at last get some warmer weather, to be enjoyed outside.

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  1. Hi Radka - more gorgeous patchwork and well done for getting started on your Hygge! Those colours really are stunning. I enjoyed that Springwatch program especially the shots of that valley that was full of blossom. Your new cherry tree looks amazing. xx

  2. for once the weather up north was better than you had dry, sunny though a chilly wind. Lots of stitching going on, knitting too.
    Seeing your bluebells reminds me I must go to the park and local woods and see if they are out, went last week but just buds. Loving the cherry and how good to have fond a dwarf, mind you I bought some miniture fruit trees, the pear tree though did not realise and is now getting very tall will not be able to pick the plums from high up this summer.

  3. Love your fabrics, hexies and Yoyo's. The walk through the park looks beautiful

  4. I am so interested to see your new crochet project. I thought about it and decided not to, but I will enjoy seeing your progress with it.

    I too have been to see the bluebells with a fiend, and also saw the Japanese blossom program on TV. I have been to Japan, but not at that time of year. If I drew up a "bucket list" that would be on it.

    The blossom this year has been spectacular, so pleased you have found a suitable replacement for your cherry blossom tree. Thank you for the recommendations for on-line rarer type of shrubs/plants. Good to hear they are reliable to deal with. You do have some very lovely flowers that you show to us.

    Also. lovely park for a morning walk and not to forget you have been very busy making progress with your patchwork projects.

  5. The yo yo fabrics are stunning...the yo-yos themselves, being gathered and sort of 3-d, are always interesting.. .they add buzz to wherever they are used. Walking in your lovely park surely makes walking easy.

  6. Gorgeous photos! Love those yo-yo's.


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