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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

green thread and strawberry jam

Good start to the week, the weather is behaving and even getting little warmer.
Last night I did a little stitching on the second block of Mrs Beasley's  Sampler Quilt, but did not have enough green thread to finish all the green on this piece. 
This morning I popped into my local shop to get some more, but they are also out of this particular shade; they will get it for me later in the week.

While I was out I bought some summer fruit and made some jam.

English strawberries 

and Spanish apricots

only about 1kg in total

has given me 3 jars of delicious jam.

It was a beautiful afternoon in my part of the world, ideal for stitching outside.

Little more work on the same piece - applique flower,

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  1. Krásná práce, jsi pilná hospodyňka:-)

  2. apricot and strawberry jam sounds delicious. Good to read you have ben able to stitch in the garden, here it is drizzling

  3. Nothing like home made jam! Yummy.

  4. Apricot and strawberry? It must be wonderfull. Ivana :-)

  5. I like your stitching, Radka, and what do you think, I made strawberry sauce today (to freeze for a future dessert) - our neighbours offered them to us when we went over the street with cherries of our tree. All regional fruit!

  6. Another gorgeous header picture. Pretty stitching and your jam looks delicious. We have a bumper crop of raspberries so I have made a batch of jam and so far the rest are in the freezer. I think more jam may be ahead though. xx

  7. What a beautiful blog post with lovely stitching and delicious strawberry jam. You new header is a lovely welcome to your blog too.


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