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Saturday, 14 May 2016

crab apple tree

We have been enjoying some beautiful summer days in May (20C +), and the garden has suddenly woken up.
But all change again; I have planted out some pots, but will have to bring them under a cover, because we are supposed to get some very cold weather this weekend, possibly a touch of frost.
The last frost damaged the plum blossom, so no plums this year :-(
 I hope this lovely quince blossom will not suffer the same fate.

quince tree blossom

The pretty lilac bush, planted only last year, is obviously quite happy; it has more flowers than I expected.

I have been spending lots of time outside this week, and it was great to be able to do some stitching in the garden.

Besides carrying on with hand quilting Cool Flying Geese quilt (when it wasn't too warm),
I finished the third block for Chateau Hexagon project,

and made one of the two April Quiltmania blocks.

I wish a happy stitching weekend to you all!

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  1. like you the frost got my plum tree flowers but the apple and cherry seem to be okay. Lilac looks lovely and can almost smell it. Loving your wheel barrow and the applique flowers look very good. The mini summer was lovely whilst it lasted

  2. I always love to see how your garden is progressing. It looks so lovely this best of months.

    Stitching for me will be to continue a crewel work cushion which is underway, and keep up to date with a CAL, new block on Tuesday!. Also some fine 2 ply knitting for expected baby twins (not mine!).

  3. Yes, these are the Ice-Saints (Eisheiligen) - a pity for the plums - the tree will have a quiet time to rest and do a double harvest next year.
    Our cherry tree carries many (of course still green and tiny) cherries although no bee was flying because of cold weather when it was in blossom. We will again have many and can't crop them while being in holidays - so neighbours will have the fun and profit. I love the block fo Chateau Hexagon - very sweet - and the flowers are beautiful, too.

  4. Oj, Radka, to je škoda slivky!
    Aj u nás teraz schladilo a prší. Dúfam, že mráz už nepríde.
    Krásny blog!!!!

  5. Very pretty block, love your garden !

  6. Beautiful photos,all of them.
    At least we have got some rain and we all are happy here in southeast of Sweden.

  7. Dear Radka,
    lovely fotos. And your thrid block of the Chateau just looks sunny and like a wonderful day in summer.
    The April Quiltmania Block is stunning.


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