Tuesday, 3 May 2016

baking Monday

Monday morning - the biscuit jar was empty and visitors due for coffee later.
I turned to my trusted book for something easy and quick and found Anzac biscuits.
Again, using honey instead of sugar, rolled oats mixed with flour and desiccated coconut - sounded just the thing. I should had used dried blueberries, but I had only some dried cranberries and some sultanas in my kitchen cupboard, mixed together - just enough. Actually, I prefer cranberries anyway, I like their sharper taste.

Easy, quick and delicious.

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  1. Yes, I can feel the good taste and smell.

  2. Vyzerajú chutne, dala by som si :-)
    Radka, len vločky, múka a med + kokos + sušené ovocie? Bez vajíčka a bez masla?
    Ja som ešte takéto pečivko nerobila a veru by som mala, cítim vôňu až tu!


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