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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

St Germain quilt top and new web shop

All done at last!
Here it is blowing in the wind on the washing line. It is too long for the line, so you can't see the top border, but it does have one! This was a long exercise in needleturn applique!  
 I don't usually wash it at this point, but I had to draw a grid on the fabric for placements of the orange peel shapes, and although I managed to get rid of most of the lines, some just did not want to budge completely, hence a quick wash.
I think this quilt will look nice hand quilted, so it will take a long time yet before it will be finished.

The lovely people at Midsomer Quilting, just few miles from me, have now opened online shop,
and you can explore midsomerq.com here . What is unusual about this web shop is that they will cut you as little as 10cm, which will be very welcome by many applique quilters!

We had a lovely sunny day here today (after a frosty night).
I leave you with a couple of pictures from our local park.

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  1. Hi Radka,wow love your beautidul quilt,well done the colours are gorgeous. What pretty pics you have taken of your local park,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. Gorgeous quilt. I agree about hand quilting.

  3. What a wonderful quilttop,love it.Good luck with the handquilting:-))

  4. Beautiful flimsy Radka. Those borders really are stunning. Lovely pictures. I am off to check out Midsomer Quilting. xx

  5. Your quilt is spectacular Radka. I love it. Your photos are delightful, you really have a good eye.

  6. You St Germaine quilt is just beautiful!! What a wonderful heirloom!!

  7. The St Germaine quilt is lovely and you have done a wonderful job with the borders. Tell me is there murder and mayhem at Midsomer Quilting? Take care

  8. It's beautiful!!! I say WOW!

  9. Your St. Germaine Quilt look great, dear Radka !!!What a wonderful work !
    Have a nice week, ist snows here .

  10. The quilt is stunning Radka, I do love the applique it is beatiful.
    The park looks very pretty.

  11. I can spell beautiful. :)

  12. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful.


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