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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

At last, we have summer! The weather has been glorious all this week and is set to continue, at least until the weekend.

It is a wonderful year for apple blossom, there are masses of it everywhere and the local cider makers are very pleased.

I have been neglecting my blog and all of you recently, I do apologise.
 There hasn't been any stitching going on, instead lots cleaning, painting, generally getting ready for this:
Yes, it is time for a change, they call it "downsizing". We say "time for a new challenge".
We have enjoyed our time in the country for nearly 20 years, but now we are ready to move closer to the civilisation; shops, bus stops, library.....and into a smaller house, with a smaller garden
= challenge.
It looks like a buyer for our house has been found and we are now starting to look for a new home,
not an easy task. Moving into a smaller house will mean having to dispose of some our treasured furniture. More to the point, will there be enough space for all my stuff?
There was lots a viewing of houses yesterday, more to do tomorrow. No time to sew...

So, I will at least share with you some pictures from last week's visit to Barrington Court, where DD, grandchildren and I had a lovely picnic.


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  1. Good luck with the house hunting. I will miss your photos of the lovely garden, but am sure you will make a new one. Are you looking forward to that?

  2. Beautiful photos, good luck with the sale and moving. It is an exciting and sad time I wish you well. I am missing your updates on all your lovely projects but will look forward to seeing them soon :-)))))))

  3. Good luck with all the house hunting. I will miss seeing the beautiful pics of your garden too. So you will have to show us plenty of the new house when everything has settled down for you.

  4. I'll join the others - Good Luck with the house hunting and with the downsizing. I'm sure it will be hard to figure out what to keep and what to let go. We will face that in a few years.

  5. trust you find a house soon and all goes well on the move, down sizing will be tough as no doubt you will have to part with some treasured pieces of furniture etc,

  6. Radko I hope everything goes well for you and before long you will settle in your new place. Are you staying in the same county?

  7. Good luck, Radka! You'll be very busy for sure!

    Here it seemed Spring had arrived but now it's cold and we can't see the sunshine again :(

  8. Radka. I found myself in the exact same position as you two years ago. House sold with know where to go.
    Something will come along and you have the right attitude.
    Don't worry about a smaller garden you will begin to see that small is beautiful too. I don't miss my big garden at all as I can keep right on top of everything now so that makes more time for sewing and my little beloved Abi.
    Good luck with the house hunt.

  9. Dear Radka
    It's all go in your neck of the woods!
    Best of luck with your house search - we down sized ten years ago into a small townhouse.

    Barrington Court looks a stunning place for a picnic - how lovely to share it with your your daughter and grandchildren!
    I will be doing the same in another week!!!
    Shane ♥

  10. Lovely photos Radka and good luck with house hunting. Take care.

  11. I hope you find a lovely house to move to soon. Will you stay in Somerset? Bev

  12. All the best Radka with your house hunting. It really is an exciting time of new challenges. We did this also from 2 story to 1 level we love and enjoy our new home and smaller garden.
    Your photos are beautiful as usual.

  13. The garden is a delight, Radka. Glad you got some summer finally. Best of luck with the move and all it involves. A difficult time, but exciting at the same time. xxx Di.

  14. Lovely, lovely photos, wonderful garden. And oh, househunting. What a job!!!I I wish you good luck for this. It can be quite interesting but time-consuming. We have much experience, however for a supplementary house without moving - but with new walls, and much work for DH.

  15. Hello Radka
    Thank you for your lovely visit!
    It has been quite a while since we have connected!. I do sympathasize
    with you regarding selling up and moving to a smaller place. I feel very sad at the thought of it especially when the time comes to leave our beautiful property.
    I just wish for you all the very best luck in finding a place that you really love!

  16. Oh, you are going to move! What a great challenge! There will be a lot of work waiting for you till you're settled again. And will you also take some plants with you from your lovely garden? I guess it won't be easy to decide what kind of furniture you want to take with you and to renounce to things you liked. Wishing you good luck! Your stitchery is beautiful as usual!
    Have lovely summer days!


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