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Sunday, 19 March 2017

wool cushion

This WIP has been around for quite a while, but I finished it at last and made it into a cushion.

The embroidery is done in wool thread on wool felt. Most of the embroidery is done in a chain stitch, and some satin stitch.

The design comes from this book by  Karin Holmberg.

The postman brought a fabric parcel from Germany yesterday, 
from the nice ladies at Cotton & Color
(because what ever I am doing, I am always thinking about another project 😉).

As Vreni rightly pointed out in her comment, the shop (and webshop) is in fact in Switzerland, on the border with Germany; my parcels are always posted in Germany.
I like their website, it is very easy to use, the selection of fabrics very much up to date, the colours true, the service is prompt and efficient. And you can still buy only 25 cm length; I find that some web shops one has to buy half a meter min.  
They have a huge selection of fabrics (they claim more then 5,000!). With so many fabrics in one place, paying little extra postage seems quite justified, considering that I can end up paying more if buying from more then one supplier here in UK, as I rarely seem to find what I am looking for in one place. 

The weather forecast for the week ahead is not good, 
the sewing room is going to be the best place!

*** Just a quick note re Margaret's comment below - I have ordered from this website several times and never paid more then the cost of postage for a large letter, well below 5 Euros; no other cost is involved. 

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  1. Wow!! That cushion is GORGEOUS! I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it. I love the colors and pattern, and the stitching is lovely. You finished it beautifully. Great fabric stash too!:)

  2. such a lovely cushion you have there. Good buy with the fabric but did you not get charged import duty etc which makes things so pricy. I gather the post office add on £8 for just taking your payment for the tax

  3. Amazing! Beuatiful. Lovely.
    I like the colours on the cushion.
    Have a nice day Radka!

  4. Your cushion is amazing and makes me want to make one just like it :-)

  5. Cute pillow and well done finishing an older UFO. Love the fabrics you got from Cotton & Colour! They are actually in Switzerland, very close to where I live but very close to the German border. I often have to park on the German side, if there's no parking space available on the Swiss side.


  6. Dear Radka, the cushion you have just embroidered is absolutely marvelous. I truly adore it , and I am sure it will bring a new life into the couch it will be placed on.
    I just visited the Swiss providing fabrics site . There we can really find a huge variety and the prices seem to be very reasonable.
    Around here the meteotological forecasts for this week are bad - rain, wind and cold, good chance to stay at home, as well as you.

  7. What a fabulous cushion! The stitching is beautiful and the finishing perfect.

  8. Beautiful finish on the cushion Radka - I love the way you put colours together, stunning. My fingers are itching to click on the link to the fabric shop but my head keeps saying NO!! xx


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