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Saturday, 19 August 2017

My hopes for a decent summer are diminishing by the day, but I am trying to make most of the odd couple of hours of sunshine here and there. We had a lot of rain this week, with very few sunny spells; even today, after waking up to rain (again), the sun is trying to come through, but the wind is chilly..
I managed some sewing time outside last weekend, to do little bit more on my blue cloth.

my bits of EPP transformed into 4 stars, 
2 stitched on already, with some old beads from my stash,

and 2 more stars yet to be appliqued 

And what is going on here?

Do you remember my green hexies a couple of posts back?

Well, the idea came from here,

but I want to do something more with the center panel; I have some ideas....

Despite the horrid summer, our fig, planted 3 years ago to cover a garage wall (and has done just that), is doing very well.

Some of the figs are already ripe (this variety doesn't go blue), so what to do with them?
As we don't particularly like eating them as they are; the figs which grow in our climate have very bland taste.
 I tried to use them to make some jam, and I thought a combination with apricots would be quite nice, adding lots of lemon juice.

The result was OK, but just that, not very exiting.
Will have to do some more research ūüėí.

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  1. Hi Radka. Yours stars look great. So after a couple of cooler days the weather is now on the up - 35 on Tuesday if the forecasts are to be believed! Our figs are going to come to nothing I think. The tree was hit by a late frost and so I am surprised that we have any fruit at all. But they are all small and some turning yellow and falling off. Our tree is enormous and when we first came I tried all sorts of jams, chutneys and puddings. Now I just eat them straight from the tree when they seem to have the best flavour and make a couple of puddings with them. The rest go on the compost heap and help to feed the garden next year. xx

  2. You have chosen a beautiful fabric for the stars, Radka . This is a wonderful project, i am looking forward to pictures of your progress.

  3. Great fabrics and the projects in that book look interesting. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with your ideas!

  4. stars are dazzling. The weather should improve in september we usually get nice spell when the kids have gone back to school! Fig tree is certainly laden


  5. Hello Radka, those colours in the EPP stars is so vibrant, I think they look stunning.I love the look of the fig, also vibrant shades of green, what a pity it was just an OK taste.

  6. Love the colours in the stars,love to see what you are sewing.
    Hope next summer will be better for the figs.They loook very nice:-))
    H√§lsningar fr√•n ett somrigt √Ėland:-))

  7. Love your fabric and colours in the stars. The fig tree looks great against the wall with lots of fruit, all the fruit looked yummy in the making.

  8. Hi Radka,
    Beautiful stitchery and your fig tree ist very big meanwhile. We like to eat them to ice cream, I cover them with homemade caramel Sauce, very delicious. We have the same Kind here -
    have a great Weekend


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