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Sunday, 3 September 2017

It's Sunday, it's cold and it's raining....

Only a week ago we had a glorious weekend, sunny and hot, the last flush of summer? It looks like it.
We had some sunny days since, but cold in the shade and now it is September.............

The last picnic of the summer with grandchildren this week in the grounds of Barrington Court.
We just managed it, before the rain arrived in the afternoon..... 

There is still lots of colour in our garden, but probably not for much longer...


And still enough food for the bees in my herb border.

Even the "summer play cloth" came outside once more.
I looked for some inspiration and in my draw I found "paper and fabric manipulation" samplers 
I made years ago.

So this is the last block of this summer.
I used scraps of old silk saree, stitched them on with large Kantha stitches and decorated with beads, all from my stash.

This is my "summer play cloth" now, there are still many blocks to be filled in.
It will be now packed away until next summer, which hopefully will be better then this year and there will be lots more "stitching outside" weather!

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  1. The idea of a summer playcloth is very appealing. What are the fabrics you used for your base? They look slightly Japanese. I like the idea of returning to an item and adding something every year.

  2. how glorious your garden looks, it dos not seem long ago you moved to his house and had no garden now it is a treasure. Stately home is a lovely building, would not want to be the cleaner there. Stitching looks great too

  3. I always enjoy seeing photos of your lovely garden Radka. Pleased you had a fine day for your visit to Barrington Court. Hopefully summer may not have gone yet, September can be lovely.

  4. Beautiful pictures Radka - your garden always amazes me, beautiful. Glad you had some time to spend on your play quilt - I look forward to seeing it again next year. Our weather has changed too and it is damp and grey here today. We need to get outside and start cutting back now that the weather is cooler but not in the rain! xx

  5. Your garden is looking beautiful, as is your summer play cloth - it's so gorgeous!

  6. Your garden is looking beautiful - as is your summer play cloth. It's so gorgeous!


  7. Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos of the flowers, plants & butterflies.
    We are just in Spring & it has been so cold with a very wet winter. I'm looking forward to our turn for summer & those delights, in the Southern hemisphere.

  8. These flowers and buildings are just what I see on tv. It would be so interesting to see them in reality, maybe some day.... :)


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