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Sunday, 24 September 2017

green hexies became a wall hanging

It all started with an idea from a book by Clare Kingslake, a quilt with center panel of hexies.

But I felt it needed something more, and so eventually I got the idea of vase with flowers.
 It became a bit of an obsession, I just needed to see it finished.  

The area around the flowers is embroidered with french knots 
(this idea is from the original design in the book)

and buttons along two sides of the central panel 
(applique in the original design, but I prefer buttons).

Both french knots and buttons are worked with the wadding attached, but before the backing is stitched on, so it doesn't show on the back of the finished quilt.

I embellished the side borders with a cotton lace (which is more pink then it shows in the picture), as well as the bow on the vase. Unfortunately the shop did not have any more of the lace, so in the end I had enough only for 3 sides, but I think it looks OK.

And here it is on my bedroom wall.

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Gudrun said...

Mycket vackert!!!
Hälsningar Gudrun

Beverley said...

That is absolutely fabulous. Lucky you having that on your wall. :-)

Pamela said...

Great finish! Very creative.

Oops-Lah said...

It looks gorgeous! Well done!

Lin said...

Lovely - and great use of the hexies. xx

Brigitte said...

So gorgeous!

Saija said...

Oh, that's really pretty! Looks good on the wall!

Die Nähmeise said...

Wow, it looks beautiful, Radka !!!!

Our photos said...


méri said...

Very well done! Congrats

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