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Saturday, 16 September 2017

back to green hexies and new addiction (?)

You might remember the panel of green hexies in one of my posts last month. 

I did not really have a clear idea what to do with it next, so it was just resting quietly in my work room.

Inspiration at last!

Still very much a work in progress...........

Actually, there wasn't really that much sewing going on here this summer. 
May be because the summer itself wasn't very inspiring this year?

I did read quite a few books instead, there were many afternoons when it was much nicer to curl up with a book.
I wrote about some of the books in July post.
One evening, when browsing TV channels looking for something to watch, I came by chance across one of the episodes (4th I think) of "Outlander" series (First Season).
It seems that this program had only reached our "TV shores" this summer, considering that the "Third Season" is out this month.
Not being able to see the first episode on "catch up" any more, I decided to get the book, to find out the beginning of the story. I rather surprised myself, I don't usually read historical novels, but the "time travel" element did add more interest. What can I say? Bit of a "page turner", I could not put it down!
Despite the fact that these are not exactly thin books (800 pages +), I am now on book 3 ("Voyager") of the Outlander series, and I am well ahead of the screen version. I find Diana Gabaldon's style of writing very easy to read, although I don't think I will stay the course, as there are 8 (!!!) books in the series now. ūüėÄ

That's it for now, I am off, I might get a couple of pages in before I'll go to bed.....

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  1. I love what you've done with the green hexies!

  2. A great idea to use the green hexes as a table runner and put a vase with flowers on it. Very creative.

  3. sch a good way to use those hexies works so well. I too have been doing a bit of reading only light novels usually though but at the moment I am reading a Wallender book, much better than the tv series.

  4. You create such wunderful "pictures"!!!Thanks for inspiration!I spend much time with books too,just now Elly Griffith.
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Love what you have done with your hexies Radka. I am always looking for good book recommendations so thanks, I have added Outlander to my wishlist! xx


  6. Wow! Great inspiration for the hexagons, Radka. They were just waiting for that idea.
    I agree 800 page books, with 8 in the series is a tad daunting. I haven't followed the series, but do enjoy some historical novels.


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