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Friday, 5 January 2018

FNwF and my first finish of the year

It is the first Friday of this year and the first meeting at Cheryll's for Friday Night with Friends;
big thank you to Cheryll for lending us her blog again this year!

I have been playing with a small wool applique picture on cotton background (designed by Erica Kaprow), 

and tonight I finished it.
I backed the picture with some thin wadding and a piece of card, and then covered the back with a black felt.

And here it is, hanging on our hall wall, my first finish of 2018!

It was fun and I enjoyed making it, but I realised that it is not going to replace my love of needleturn applique; 
I miss it, and I will need to find some serious applique project for this year.

At this time of the year I often see on blogs lists of planned projects, or projects to be completed this year, or resolutions to work only from a stash.
I can never do the first, because (as many of my followers know 😀) my "projects moods" are rather changeable, there just can't be a "list".
I put this down to my star sign, LOL, but also my stitching often was an antidote to my job and its deadlines, and since I retired, I fully enjoy my freedom.
As for working from a stash only - I do appreciate that often there is an economic necessity to be considered and that we all try to do what we can with what we have.
But seeing new fabrics, feeling them, letting the imagination run riot -
that is a drug I would find very hard to give up!

I liked a post on Kathleen Tracy's blog (dated 27th December), which relates mainly to fabric storage, but she also writes, quote:

"Buying a new fabric is a good thing if it makes your heart flutter and fills your mind with inspiration. Buying and collecting fabric is a part of the reason we love to quilt."

How I agree!
It is often a sight of some new fabric which inspires me to find a pattern to do it a justice.
Or of course the other way around.
My fabric stash is pretty good, and as they are mainly small pieces, it may still have a role to play, but it is the new which gives me the inspiration I need to sit down to a new project.

But whatever you'll do and which ever way you do it, as long as it works for you,
have a fun this year!

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  1. What a great finish Radka. I love the background & the colours of the felt you used. It is a very cheerful piece.
    I'm someone who has ventured to make a list, on my blog. It is the very first time I've actually recorded my stitching plans for the year. I'm hoping the list will play a major role in keeping me dedicated to the task.
    I've also kidded myself in previous years, that I would stitch from stash, that didn't ever work.:) I have a large collection of fabrics & charts & like you, when I see something, I know which piece of fabric, threads, will best enhance the pattern or chart. If nothing springs to mind, there is plenty of choice in the stores. :) I agree & love the quote. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Congratulations on your first finish for the year. Very cute.

  3. Your first 2018 work is beautiful. Have a great New Year, healthy and peaceful
    and follow your heart,
    this year, for the first time i'll try to follow a challange making scraps blocks with some virtual friends... will see what happen

  4. What a nice little wallhanging dear Radka.Wishing you a super-duper extra luck Happy New Year!Hoping that all your dreams come true.
    I am looking forward to another creative year with you and your beautiful stitching and quilting !

  5. Hi Radka beautiful finish you do such lovely work,hope you have a lovely day xx

  6. That is so pretty...
    Thanks for joining in FNwF in 2018 too...xox

  7. A very pretty wool project.

  8. I love your pretty and colourful wall hanging! I do love bright colours best. And I like your logic about not constricting yourself to a list or a rule. I have things I want to get finished this year but I like to sew on what I feel like working on, not what my list tells me I have to do.

  9. Oh was für eine wunderschöne Applikation !
    Sieht schon so schön nach Sommer aus .
    Liebe Grüße


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