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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

baking Tuesday

It is COLD ( -8 C last night here) and it will get even colder, when the "Beast from the East" (as the weathermen call it (a very cold weather from Siberia) hits our part of the country, probably tonight or tomorrow. 
It has brought lots of snow to many parts of UK already.
Time for hot soup and some home baking!

I haven't done any "proper" baking since Christmas and our biscuit jar has been empty for some time; it is time to put something in it!

These are quick and easy biscuits to make.

Besides vanilla I also add some cardamon, to spice them up a little.

The prepared dough is made into a roll, covered with a cling film, then chilled in the fridge.

In the meantime I start preparing the bread.
I usually use the same recipe, but I like to experiment with various mixes of flour, adding some seeds or nuts.

Little kneading ( I know there are all sorts of machines around to do that, but I like to knead my bread by hand).
Cover the dough with my patchwork "baking cloth" and let it rise in the warm kitchen.

While the bread is "doing its thing", out comes the biscuit dough roll from the fridge;
I slice it into rounds, brush with egg white and cover with chopped nuts (I use mixed nuts, not just almonds) and sugar, and bake.

                    before                                                                                               after

The biscuit jar is full again (for a while, anyway ūüėČ).

In the meantime the bread dough has done very well in the warm kitchen; time for "knocking back" and second rising.

 This amount made 3 loaves,
one for now and two for the freezer.
And yes, there was the soup also, 
from the freezer, made a while back.

Job done!

And the kitchen is not only warm, but smells heavenly too ūüėč.

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  1. Lovely baking. I am planning some baking tomorrow, I decided just to stitch today as we are snowed in. x

  2. Oh yum! Cold weather is always good for baking. xx

  3. This all looks delicious. Love your baking cloth. I see you now have a "Red Alert" - keep warm and safe.

  4. Your biscuits and lovely bread make me feel hungry. I am sure they are delicious.

  5. Your bread looks delicious and you baked it like a pro! The biscuits too, of course.


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