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Sunday, 4 February 2018

FNwF and more Gardenhurst

Big "thank you" to Cheryll to let us hang out again at hers on Friday night. 

I managed to finish another Gardenhurst block

 and yesterday I started the next one.

Another winter weekend in our part of the world, although a little drier and brighter, the wind is a cold, coming from the north.
Snowdrops are struggling around the town,

Winter aconites are also slowly popping their heads out in the local park.
 It is a bit of a struggle.....

I wonder what weather will this month bring.....

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  1. Beautiful block! You are bring the flowers to life despite their struggles in the wintry world. None at all are out in my neck of the woods.

  2. Another beautiful block. Pretty snowdrops....they would shrivel in our heat here. Although it was a much cooler weekend. Stay cosy x

  3. Another beautiful gardenhurst block, I love the fabrics you have selected for it. The winter here is too warm, hardly any snow. Maybe in April, when nobody wants winter anymore. Have a happy week, Carmen

  4. Pretty block Radka - how many more to do? I am listening to the UK weather forecast at the moment and I think you are in for a cold week! Oh well, more sewing time. xx

  5. Beautiful Gardenhurst block..
    I love Snowdrops.. how nice to have them grow wild...

  6. Nice block. The next one looks interesting, how did you go about transferring the design?

    I love the snowdrops too, make us think Spring is not too far behind.


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