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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Scandinavian Rose, Luna's new jackets, and hot weather, again

I just can't believe that is has been nearly 4 years since I finished all the stitcheries for the Scandinavian Rose quilt! I put them away in the box and that it is where they have been all this time. I think that at the time I wasn't quite sure about the final finish, I did not want to go with the original pattern; sadly, they got forgotten.
Last weekend, when the weather changed and it rained the whole weekend, I found my sewing room again, and moving some boxes around, I came across the stitcheries. 
It is time to do something about it!
I am more inspired now; instead of using just red and white patchwork for the borders, I decided to throw some blue into it.

I already have some white fabric for the backing in my stash, 
so all I need now is some wadding and I can start quilting it!

Do you remember my little friend Luna Lapin? I made her about 18 months ago, and since then she has lived in the one dress I made her at the time.

Some time ago I came across a group on Facebook, called Luna Lapin Little World! One of the group members, Patricia Freeman, designed a pretty knitted jacket for Luna. 
I could not resist and Luna now has 2 new jackets, she is very pleased ūüėä

Despite weeks of hot dry weather, our garden is not in a bad shape, thanks to DH's patient watering and feeding.

Apparently the hot weather is coming back; it looks like, again, the sewing room might not be the best place to be. ūüėě

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  1. What lovely stitcheries Radka - good to see that you have put them together, I love the blue. Great jackets for Luna. Your garden is looking great. We are busy watering here every morning, our garden is enormous compared to yours. Just have to select what we wish to conserve and accept that anything else will have to take it's chance. Expecting top end of the 30's this weekend. xx

  2. Scandanavian Rose is gorgeous. I like the blue! Luna looks very fashionable.

  3. Scandinavian Rose is such a beautiful design. Lovely stitching Radka. Luna is a real cutie in her new jacket. Your garden is lovely x

  4. I can see the Swedish wooden horse and typical flower patterns in your beautiful stitcheries. Lovely quilt! Luna Lapin is very sweet and her cute new jackets will keep her warm for the colder weather to come. Your garden is amazing.

  5. Your garden is looking lovely, takes a lot of time I'm sure. Luna looks very pleased with her jackets. I don't recall seeing your Scandinavian Rose quilt, so perhaps I forgot it too. It looks very nice indeed. The touch of blue looks just right.

  6. I’m really tempted to look for the pattern for Scandinavian Rose. It will look lovely with the blue. Good choice. My garden is looking better after a good tidy but not as fresh as yours.


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