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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

apple cushion

You might remember the lovely Stof "apple" fabric I bought last month, which is from their "Party in Paradise" range. I did not really know what I wanted to do with it, so I played with some ideas for a while and the result is this "Apple Cushion".
The shades of Kona Cotton Solids matched perfectly with the shades in the apple design.

Last week I just popped in a fabric shop to get a small piece of green fabric for the Fernhill project.
I came out with more then I planned. They had just taken a delivery of this beautiful Christmas linen fabric, also by Stof. I have no idea (yet) what I am going to make, but I just could not walk out of the shop without it. Could you?


  1. Radu, to je parádní jablíčkové tvoření! Moc krásné kousky! A ty vánoční látky, ty tedy jsou! Těším se, co vykouzlíš!
    Hezký večer do UK, moc zdravím! Helena

  2. Oi amiga

    Belíssimos trabalhos.Parabéns!

    Fique com Deus!
    Beijos do Brasil

  3. Fab cushion and I wouldn't have been able to walk out without that lovely Christmas fabric either.

  4. a wonderful cushion radka and of course more beautiful fabric for the stash lol. if i was there i doubt i coud resist either lol

  5. Mamma mia quante meraviglie mia cara, sei fortissima
    Un abbraccio

  6. Fräck kudde!
    I like the fabric too.
    Hugs Gudrun

  7. Is pert about the cushion right word??:-))

  8. You always came out with more than you thougt!! I have no ideas why that happen !!!!!! :-)
    I love the cushion, it makes me glad and I really need that today when the first snow fall down. I realy hate the winter
    Have a nice day/Gudrun

  9. Lovely to bring the bright colours of Summer inside to cheer you in the cooler months!
    Love the Stof fabric but I haven't seen it here.
    Radka you've created a wonderful Autumn header too - superb photo. I know that plant/shrub, it has a thorn but I can't for the life of me remember it's name!!! An age thing - oh dear....
    Shane ♥

  10. We are all guilty of walking out of the fabric/thread shops with more than we went for I think. Love your fabrics and I am sure you will find something stunning to use it for. Your apple cushion is very bright and breezy.

  11. Radko, vidět takové nádherné látky, taky bych neodolala :-) Jsme asi všechny stejně postižené. Vánoční svátky s výrobky z nich budou určitě krásně sváteční.
    Polštář s jablíčky je také úchvatný. Vůbec nechápu, jak rychle zvládáš ušít tolik perfektně vypracovaných věcí. Ale těším se, až uvidím další.

  12. your apple cushion has worked well, the bite out of the apple looks so real. Fatal to go into a fabric shop, does anyone walk out without adding to their stash?

  13. Radko to je opravdu krasny polstarek a o tech latkach ani nemluvim.Vim ze znich udelas neco mooooc hezkeho.

  14. Can you really get out from a fabric store with "just" what you went in to buy? It's something that I've never managed to do yet :-) The fabric with the small lovely houses will surely be a wonderful thing, after you have put your hands on it. Almost think that the houses look a little Swiss into its design. And I just love your apple cushion - it is fantastic. The colors together are wonderful.

  15. Dear Radka,
    What a nice cushion, full of fruits - and the new bought fabric - GREAT -
    have a nice day

  16. Your apple cushion is pretty and a great way to use the fabrics.
    The christmas fabrics are lovely too, how about some mug rugs?
    It is VERY VERY hard only to buy, what one have palned once entered the quilting shop ;-)).
    Have a great day, dear Radka.

  17. Dear Radka,
    The pillow looks great with the applied apples! I can well understand you buy more than planned. The christmas fabrics are really beautiful. What about a Table Runner for Christmas !
    Greetings from Bavaria !

  18. Hello Radka,
    Your beauty inspiration, colors and everything is beautiful, beautiful pillow,
    I greet you warmly :)))

  19. Radka the Stof apple fabric looks lovely and looks great on the apple cushion .So nice and fresh looking will brighten any spot. I also went to the fabric shop and came out with Christmas red and white fabric this week I didn't plan . Yours would go nicely with my piece,

  20. Jablicka jsou k nakousnuti a latecky s vanocnim motivem jsou pekne. Uz jsem zvedava, co z nich usijes?
    Ahoj z Hamburku


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