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Monday, 29 October 2012

slow week

It has been slow stitching week. Although the fabrics are all over my sewing room, 
I don't feel I am getting anywhere right now. Which is not actually true, I am still building houses in the block 5 of Yoko Saito's Mystery Quilt and this block has most houses yet. That is the reason for so many fabrics out, as I am constantly looking for that right piece for a wall, a roof or a door.

I have been enjoying this project, but I also look forward to the finish. In the next issue of the Quiltmania magazine I will find out how to put all these blocks together.

It will nice to get on with something new. Not that I have not been doing other things in the meantime, you know me, I can't stick with one thing only. But the mess in my room does not inspire.

It was a welcome sight to see the new crewel threads from Renaissance Dyeing arrive in the post last week.
Beautifully soft 100% lambswool from Yorkshire, hand dyed in France, using natural dyes, they are a pleasure to hold. I can't wait to start some embroidery with them.

Our autumn has not turn out as good as we wished for, mostly wet and murky, with a sunny day now and then.
I leave you with some pictures from our very wet and muddy forest walk at the end of last week.

playground for forest fairies?

spooky horse riders?

Have a good stitching week!


margaret said...

your house quilt block is looking great, love the colour way you are using for it.
Wow those threads are lovely and the wool is from Yorkshire say no more!

Enjoyed walking through your forest with you, some beautiful photos, glad I am not the only one to photo cobwebs, took quite a few last week but they do not seem as good as past years.

Hanna said...

Dear Radka,
You Quilt turns out very nice, but the fall pictures are great, here we had the first snow yesterday, bad -
have a nice day

avomeri said...

Such beautiful pictures (as usual!)Radka!
Lovely place and lovely works.
Happy stitching too!

Juliettecherry said...

I always enjoy your seasonal photos Radka, these are lovely. Also enjoyed following the link to Renaissance Dyes, such yummy colours and very tempting patterns.

Ella said...

Radko tak uz jsi s domecky skoro hotova jsem zvedava jak to bude vypadat vsechno dohromady.Podzimni mokre a blative fotky jsou moc hezke.

Karen said...

Rain or not, still a very beautiful walk in the forest. Lovely crewel thread and your house block is excellent.

Linda said...

Your house block is wonderful of course Radka, as is all your work. I have long been a fan of Renaissence Dyeing!! Absolutely adore your photographs of course, and hope you will allow me to save one or two of the 'fairies playground'........LOL..... Those dear little fungi are so lovely all growing in a row.

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