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Friday, 2 November 2012

spreading the word

Schwalm embroidery - named after a region along the Schwalm River in Germany - is one of my favourite embroideries. I only "discovered" this type of embroidery when I came across Christine Bishop's book a few years ago. Her book is full of beautiful designs and I just had to have it, wanting to "have a go".
However I found difficult to follow her instructions, mainly because the illustrations in this book are hand drawn and not always very clear, and as a novice to Schwalm I did not find this easy. Some of you might remember me writing about it at the time.

I thought I better start with a sampler, which is one of the projects in the book, but eventually I lost interest, I believe due to unclear instructions. It just seemed like too much hard work and I wasn't really enjoying it. Or may be the sampler was the wrong thing to start with. I gave up at this point.

Some time after that I learnt about Luzine Happel, a German lady living not far from the Schwalm region.

Luzine is passionate about Schwalm embroidery. To me she is the "Queen of Schwalm". She has written number of books on the subject. Her instructions are very clear with photographs of the actual stitches.

I am still building up a courage to start working on tablecloth, which is a project in Luzine's book I have.

So why am I writing about his again? Because a little while ago I received an email from Luzine telling me about her new website and I want to share this with you. You can learn there about the history of this beautiful type of whitework, see many examples of old and new, and also many beautiful pictures from the region - all you have to do is click here and enjoy.


  1. Dear Radka,
    Thank you for this wonderful, informative post ans enjoy your stitching, I am waiting for the results -

  2. Your header is wonderful.What colour!
    I have a new computer and have lost your emailadress.Please write me:-))
    Hugs Gudrun

  3. Åhh..i´m is it possible to manage this stithing !

    Hugs Anette

  4. So lovely to be reminded about Schwalm again. The Luzine Happel book is a must have. Thank you for the link. I simply adore the 'chequer filling stitch', one of my favourites.

  5. Jump right in Radka. It is the only way lol otherwise procrastination takes hold. I love the sampler you started and maybe you could do some more work on it before starting your table cloth. I love all forms of whitework and this technique is something I have never tried.

  6. Best of luck with your cloth, if anxious about it why not try to finish your first piece first, maybe with your new book this can be done.I have Christine`s book but have not tried the technique, do not have many UFO`s but loads and loads of projects not yet attempted.

  7. Ahoj Radko, zdá se, že se můj první komentář k tomuto příspěvku ztratil někde cestou po sítích, tak ještě jednou.
    Je to velmi zajímavá technika výšivky a mě hned připomněla naše lidové výšivky, protože tam se něco podobného také používá. Sama jsem kdysi, když jsem ještě lépe viděla, vyšívala table runer technikou richelieu a uvnitř celého dekoru byla vyšívaná mřížka podobná této technice. Znovu se mi potvrdilo, jak i ruční práce ve všech evropských zemích byly propojené a vzájemně se ovlivňovaly. A dnes? Díky internetu je to vzájemné ovlivňování globální. Přeji hezký den!


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