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Sunday, 18 November 2012

sinister feeling?

Thank very much you for your comments on my last post and for your support. I expect like me, you have learnt something you possibly have not considered until now.
Of course I have reported it to Blogger. From the info on their site I had two choices. The Blogger says that they are not in a position to arbitrate issues regarding ownership of content, but they will let you file an infringement of a copyright claim, which is a legal document under the USA law. In my case I would have to list every post and picture which I claim ownership to. Considering that we are talking about 2 years of my blogging life, I just haven't got time to do that, or want to get involved in legal claims.
I agree very much with Deborah, there is something very strange about that blog: no contact details, no comments, no followers, no dates. I also don't think that the name is a the person's real name anyway or that this is just some sad person not able to create their own blog, after all they were clever enough to copy my entire archives for the 2 years period. I would not know how to do that. I suspect this is something more serious than that.
Therefore I reported it as a spam or possible malware, because I think it is possible that someone created that blog for more sinister purpose. Why they picked my blog I will never know.

But there is a thought for you all, none of you really know if your blog has been copied in this way and how many times. I came across it by pure chance, when I wanted more info on something I wrote about last year and Googled it. Among other suggestions Google came up with 2 blogs, mine and the one in question. Had I not done that, I would have probably never found out.


 I wish you all a very good stitching week!


  1. Radka, I am so sorry you are having this trouble.

  2. Radko tak aby nekdo ukrad cely blog to jsem jeste neslysela,obcas si lide stezuji ze nekdo pouzil jejich fotky a nebo i clanek ale cely blog to je opravdu divne .Doufam ze se to nejak vyresi.

  3. Dear Radka,
    I was really shocked when I read about what had happened to you! It's unbelievable! I'm really so sorry for you.

  4. Hello Radka,

    How horrible for you, I'm so sorry. I do know exactly the same thing happened several months ago to my friend Elizabeth who blogs at

    Do contact her, she may be able to offer more advice. Good luck and I hope you get it sorted out soon. Best wishes

  5. I had to request the removal of 6.5 years of stolen blog. I simply submitted a few sites and then sent a message/form (can't remember exactly now as it was about a year ago) explaining that someone had lifted my whole blog from when to when and suggested that it was unreasonable both for me to submit a claim for each posting AND for them to wade through then all 360+. They accepted that and removed the offending splog.

    Also, you'll want to sign up to Fairshare to keep an eye on any future violations.

    Don't worry, just follow the procedures as far as you can - do a few key postings that are your most popular ones for example - and then make a request based on 'multiple copyright infringements'. You'll be OK.=)

  6. Oh! dear, so sorry Radka to hear about this problem. I am late catching up with your news. You must be feeling very annoyed indeed. I hope it gets sorted out very soon.

  7. Hi Radka. back on line again after seven days out of contact with the world! Really shocked to hear about someone copying your blog. It's quite despicable, and creepy. What on earth would anyone bother to go to all that trouble?

    Whatever, please keep on blogging!


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