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Sunday, 25 November 2012


Well, it was a surprise for me. While sorting out through some fabrics in my old trunk, I found a very old UFO which I forgot about, a patchwork block. One of my first ever patchwork attempts, all hand pieced and already quilted (not very well) - and then forgotten for many years.
Luckily I found the same red check fabric as in the middle of the block still in my stash and used it for the border- and new cushion was born today!

© 2012

I wish you all a very good week!


  1. Going through your old things is just like shopping, you find all sorts of goodies that you forgot about! The cushion is just perfect for Christmas.

  2. very nice......and another lovely header too.

  3. Lovely!
    A nice week to you too!!
    Hugs Gudrun

  4. Så söt!!
    A nice week to you too!
    Kram Gudrun

  5. Lovely pillows!! I have also made pillows/ cushions ;-)
    I wish you a wonderful week ...

  6. how wonderful that you have been able to finish it x it looks beautiful... and what memories x

  7. That's what I call a real bonus .

  8. How lovely - a gift from your stash!-
    A nice week to you.

  9. This is lovely.

    After what has happened I understand why you have watermarked your pictures. I keep wondering whether I should be doing it.

  10. That's such a lovely cushion Radka!
    Can you remember where that pattern came from as I think it would be a good pattern for me to start with.
    I could make a cushion to go on each of my granddaughter's beds - for their birthday's next year!
    The lovely little doll quilt in the previous post is tempting me too!
    Wishing you a happy week stitching.
    Shane ♥
    PS I love your header photo - it looks as though Jack Frost has been visiting your garden!
    You're such an inspiration to me

  11. Thats fantastic! It is good to go through things every now and again as now you have a gorgeous cushion.

  12. What a nice surprise Radka, I like it very much -

  13. what a find in your trunk, wonder if we will be seeing any other UFO`s rescued. Love the cushion

  14. Krasny nalez ,udelala jsi z nej krasny vanocni polstarek.

  15. what a thrill for you to find such a treasure and then be able to complete it.

  16. Hi, Radka. Adorable pillow, lucky you rescued the old block! Your doll quilt is adorable. I'm totally shocked about your problems with a blog thief. Thanks for informing your audience. And may you have a happy holiday season with lots of stitching.
    best, nadia


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