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Saturday, 10 November 2012

then there was another

I am referring to a new quilt just completed by Kaaren from The Painted Quilt blog, a beautiful Christmas redwork quilt. Please go and have a look, just click on the name of her blog above.

By a coincidence the latest issue of Quiltmania  magazine arrived today, which I have been eagerly waiting for, to find out how to assemble all the Yoko Saito's Mystery Quilt blocks. I'll get to that in a minute, but there is also an article about Sharon Duffy's home, under the heading Quilts & Enchanting Homes.
And there is another wonderful Christmas redwork quilt hanging up.

And here is my dilemma. This happens every time. Just when I begin to think that I should have a break from quilts and go back to "serious" embroidery, of knitting, of crochet or...., I see a beautiful quilt and the fever starts again. And of course there is another reason - I have not made a redwork quilt, yet.
I can feel a project for next year's Christmas coming on....

But back to my current one. As I have said, I now have the instructions for the assembly of the Mystery quilt, but not only that, also the instructions for block number 6! I didn't know about block 6 (or I did not read something properly?). I my mind I was going to finish the quilt by this Christmas, which now I know will not happen. Block 5 is still very much "work in progress".

So, it is going to take a little longer. Never mind, it will be worth it. I really like the way Yoko finished her quilt, it is original and different, and it doesn't matter that no 2 blocks are the same size. Those of you, who read Quiltmania, know what I am talking about.
I can see myself spending a lot of time stitching after Christmas (you know, that quiet few days between the  Christmas rush ending and the new year starting), when at last you can relax and get some time to yourself. And I also know now what fabric to look for for the background.

There is just another small project in the making right now. The first frost reminded me how my hands feel when it gets really cold. Of course I have a selection of gloves in my draw, but usually I end up not wearing them, because I can't hold things well wearing gloves. Finger-less is the answer, and at last this year I will have a pair! I am using beautifuly soft and warm mix of alpaca and silk from Devon, from Ruth and Belinda, bough last year at one of the shows.


  1. Radko ty opravdu nevis co driv ale vsechno co delas je krasne.Vanoce se nejak rychle blizi a vsechno se neda stihnout.

  2. Dear Radka,
    It is so interesting to watch your work in progress, you do so many different things and everthing is so beautiful -
    have a nice sunday

  3. Love the redwork quilts, have bought a couple of books re redwork but so far nothing done about it, I expect you know what I mean!
    Will pop into Smith`s and see if they do quiltmania mag and have a sneak peek, naughty but nice,
    Your bock no 5 is looking amazing, this quilt is going to have pride of place when finished.

  4. Radko, to je opravdu neuvěřitelné, co vy holky švadlenky a vyšívačky dokážete. Ta deka je tak nádherná, že se tvé horečce vůbec nedivím. Jenom vyšívané detaily na ní jsou překrásné. A pak to dát všechno dohromady, všechno to ladí, prošívání je promyšlené do posledního detailu... Nechápu to a skláním se nad tímhle uměním.
    Také pilně pletu zimní doplňky na ochranu mých končetin. Listopad teď sice má být nadprůměrně teplý, ale vzpomenu-li si na loňské mrazy...
    Hezké dny přeji.

  5. I always fall in love with redworkquilts too.I am so happy for the one I have from Bronwyn Hayes, The wish quilt.Your housequilt is really lovely, I think you will have it ready quite soon after christmas.
    Hugs Gudrun

  6. You make me want to subscribe for Quiltmania - when I see your houses quilt .....

  7. Love the redwork quilts and also your work in progress which is going to be a really special quilt. Mitten sound like a great idea to handle cold weather. Take care.

  8. Mila Radko, to jsem si zase pocetla - pomoci Google prekladatele.
    Moc zajimave a pekne, jako vzdy!
    Tady jsou uz od lonska velmi popularni tzv. stulpy. Rada je
    nosim misto rukavic.
    Pravdepodobne budes plest neco podobneho?
    Happy Quilting do Anglie

  9. Gorgeous gloves in the making Radka. Now for quilting lol I would jump in and start a redwork xmas one without hesitation. Another block of houses for your quilt! Can't wait to see it started too. You will get there in the end and if it takes a while it doesn't really matter.

  10. The fingerless gloves look like a great project Radka, love that combination of yarn!! Your quilt block looks great. I've actually just noticed Quiltmania in our local newsagency, might just decide it needs to come home with me tomorrow. Hope all is well with you and the family. Cheers from a very warm Queensland.


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