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Friday, 24 January 2014

new header

The previous owners of our house seemed to use the garden for two specific purposes; he for his model railway,
and the rest of the garden was used to hang the washing and for their dogs to have somewhere to explore
(which would not take them very long, LOL).
This picture was taken before we moved here, the previous owner thankfully took the railway with him.

There are no plants in our new garden worth keeping or talking about and we have our own ideas about how our new garden should look. Unfortunately, due to the very wet winter we are having this year, there is very little we can do to start doing anything about it, yet.

Except this little beauty, a winter flowering, evergreen clematis, now fully out, called appropriately  -
There are masses of it growing against the garage wall and it is definitively one thing we will keep, although it does need a little tidy up when it will finish flowering.

A nice subject for a header.

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  1. how beautiful x At this time of year we NEED something bright in the garden x

  2. It´s wonderful to have these flowers in the garden now. Have never seen them before.
    And if you get snow?
    Hugs Gudrun

  3. Dear Radka,
    How nice to habe something blooming in winter -
    have a nice weekend

  4. Anch'io adoro le clematidi,ne ho 3 tipi diversi anche se in questo periodo non ci sono fiori. Complimenti per il tuo giardino e per il nuovo header. Baci

  5. What a beauty to brighten up,dull winter days. Lovely pics.

  6. It is definitely a keeper. I didn't know you could get winter flowering ones! Love the idea although I don't think I could source one here. No doubt you will get some progress on your garden in the spring time. After the last week I am wishing it was autumn already LOL.

  7. a very pretty flower and lovely to see something like this in winter, mind you I have daisies out on my lawn which i have never had in winter before and the grass is growing!

  8. what a magical flower locations ! yes, just right for your new header ! I did not know that there are so beautiful flowers in this season. I think the winter in your Country very mild. I look forward seeing more garden pictures ! Have a nice weekend.
    Many greetings from carmen

  9. Just beautiful, Radka!

    In some weeks we'll have Spring again! Can wait seeing your new garden!

  10. Hello Radka, your new header is truly beautiful.. The flower is beautiful perfect in every way. Your little treasure needle book is so very lovely. Great stitching. Hugs Judy

  11. It is beautiful, Radka, and well worth saving. This one is new to me. I have never seen that kind of clematis before, but it is really beautiful - it seems a lite shy. ;-)
    It certainly feels strange that you can smell your flowers in your garden while we are shoveling snow up here :-)
    But we have pleasing - 7 degrees C.

  12. I look forward to seeing how your garden develops, and I love your new header.


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