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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Scandinavian Rose 9

Another part of Scandinavian Rose Quilt BOM finished.

This one was quite quick, but despite that, I think I am beginning to realize the size of the project, as there are 4 more blocks to stitch. 
And I have not yet decided on the fabrics for the patchwork part of the quilt!
In her original design Rosalie Quinlan used a selection of red and white fabrics. I know that they were chosen to compliment the redwork of the stitcheries, but I am not convinced that this colour combination does the embroidery justice. I feel that the embroidery designs are so beautiful in themselves and they should be framed more gently. That said, I have no idea (yet) what the answer should be. May be I will wait until I am working on the last embroidery before I seriously think about it and just enjoy stitching it in the meantime.

                                              Have a good stitching week!

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  1. I love your red stitching or better
    Scandinavian patterns!
    Happy Sunday

  2. This is so pretty! And the bullar look delicious!

  3. Well done Radka the blocks and stitching are beautiful.

  4. lovely block, choosing fabrics I find one of the hardest parts of a project

  5. They are beautiful blocks and I agree with picking the fabrics later to best suit the blocks.

  6. The embroideries are beautiful Radka, I think that is a good idea to wait and see a few different fabrics against them.Y ou will know when you see it.The bullar buns look so good.

  7. I agree Radka, the red work embroidery stands out on it's own.
    I've read through a few posts I missed and I love your winter flowering clematis - the one bonus worth keeping!
    I can imagine there is a lot of plant catalogue reading going on at your place at the mo!
    Bullar buns sound great!

  8. The embroderiers are lovely but I think it will be a pity to put them into a red and white patchwork! Wait and see!

  9. The embroideries are really lovely Radka. If you're not happy using a combination of red fabrics, I would also wait and see when you have finished the stitching. In the meantime you might see something that takes your eye, and would be the perfect material to use.

  10. You already know how much I love your Scandinavian embroideries. There is so much work in each of them and this one is no exception. You will know and get a feel for how to put them all together when you are finished and you can look at them all together.


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