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Friday, 24 October 2014

St Germain quilt - small progress

You have seen the central block for St Germain quilt already.
There are no more blocks as such, the rest of the quilt is made up of two very wide borders - the orange peel applique border on the inside and an applique outside border, with flowers and leaves, similar to the central block.

I have started cutting out orange peel shapes for the inside border, I need 144 of them. The good thing about this quilt is that I can use lots of fabrics from my stash, which compliment fabrics in the central block.
I am using plain paper for the templates, and for ironing my small travel iron, which is ideal  for pressing small shapes and sharp points.

I re-use the templates for the next batch, and  I use Sewline glue stick for applique pieces already pressed, to keep the shape and mainly the points.

I will make all orange peel shapes first, before placing them on the border. This all takes time, but it will make the task easier when I'll start stitching.
This is a good job for a rainy day, like today.

I have been having some problems with leaving comments on some of your blogs, or even opening some. As some of you seem to experience the same, it looks like Blogger problem rather than mine.
I find that if I leave it and go back later or the following day, I can sometime leave a comment where I could not before, but it is frustrating, say the least.
So, if I have not visited, it could be that I am not able to :-)

Have a good weekend!

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  1. One of the most beautiful applique block I have seen!

  2. Dear Radka,
    Beautiful applique, but some work ahead - happy stitching

  3. Beautiful work as usual Radka :)

  4. lovely applique, not tried using glue on my EPP might just invest in a glue pen as it will make life easier. Yes Mr Blogger is certainly playing up at the moment but today seems to be behaving himself

  5. Your work are so beautiful. Love to see more. Have a nice weekend.

  6. Love to see your project photos - a beautiful and colourful work.

  7. Hello Radka
    I'm playing catch up as usual because of too many days at work!!!
    Saint Germain des Prés is a beautiful arrondissement of Paris, very lively so I think your quilt is well named!

    I'm so happy to tell you I've made a start on quilting (or have I already told you - memory)!
    I have a glue pen just like yours that I'm using for the hexis I'm sewing as part of the little Brigitte Giblin purse I'm making!
    Thanks to you I've at long last subscribed to Quiltmania through a great bookshop in Wellington!

    See you soon

    Love your garden and the bits on the fence - so pretty and colourful.
    Hope all is well with you!

  8. Raduš děkuji za upozornění, už jsem opravila:-)

  9. Oh what a lot of work you have in front of you...but i am sure the end result will be stunning and well worth the effort.

  10. I find this such an exciting project to watch! I look forward to seeing this border (and so do you, I expect).

  11. It is a lovely job for a rainy day and I am looking forward to seeing more on this. I have also been having trouble with blogger. I merged two blogs into one because of the etsy shop and lack of time lol. Since then I can not pick up feed for two blogs I follow closely. Oh well off to try to fix it again and glad it is not just me.


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