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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Cranmore Tower and little baking

I am having a real break from fabrics right now; the problem with those nice kits by Sue Hawkins is that they fool you - they look small, but they packed with various stitches and one just gets absorbed in it.

I am now working on the border around the pansy. This was when I discovered that I miscounted when planning the centre square and I have now few stitches to spare all around. This will call for some improvisation before I'll finish.

It is more than 2 years since we moved, but we are still discovering our immediate surroundings.
We have been rather busy with working on the house, but that is now coming to the end and we can spend more time being out and about.
On our way home a couple of days ago we stopped in a small car park on the edge of the woods and walked up through the woods to the Cranmore Tower. 

Unfortunately it is late in the season and there was nobody around there to let us into the tower; the lovely tea rooms below were also closed.
But we will go back another time and possibly take one of the walks through the peaceful woods.
This is an aerial picture of the tower and you can read more about it here .

Today's baking are Sweet Potato Muffins; the recipe is from Jamie Oliver's new Channel 4 programme
"Jamie's Superfood" and his new book "Everyday Super Food" and you can get the recipe here .
I changed it slightly by adding garlic, fresh coriander, ground cumin and paprika; very low in fat, 
they smell and taste divine!

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  1. your project is coming along so well and I am sure you can sort out the error. The tower is certainly very tall, wonder will you be climbing up to the top, rather you than me! Baking looks very tasty, I do enjoy Jamie Oliver`s programmes, unfortunately he has closed his Italian restaurant here in Leeds

  2. Dear Radka,
    You live in an wonderful area, those Little stitcheries are really challenging and your Muffins look great, I will try to make them too -
    have a nice sunday

  3. Dear Radka,

    your embroidery is beautiful, in great colors!
    The Sweet Potato Muffins look delicious;-).Heve a nice sunday!

    Greetings from Klaudia

  4. Beautiful embroidery Radka and thank you for the muffin recipe.

  5. The embroidery is remarkable-- love the bright colours. Pity the tower was closed. Those muffins look very tempting.

  6. Beautiful embroidery! Hope to see when it's finished

  7. Dear Radka
    I see your progress in stitching the pansy.
    It works great. Colours are perfect.

    And the stitches, i love the different textures.
    You know, i wrote, that i are not very talented to do it this way without cross-stitch.

    Have a nice weekend.


  8. Your stiching is beautiful! Cranmore Tower looks so interesting, definitely work going back to explore another day.


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