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Monday, 26 September 2016

Avebury Stones - and much more

We had a good summer and it has been a good September - still warm, with just enough rain to keep everything looking fresh.  
DH and I did not venture very far in the heights of the summer, our little garden was the best place to be, but now is a good time for days out.

Few days ago we visited  Avebury Stone Circle, some 45 miles from us.
Perhaps little less know than Stonehenge , it is actually much large; the stones are not as high as Stonehenge, but there many more of them, covering much larger area; in fact it is the largest stone circle in Europe and probably predates Stonehenge.
 It is believed that first stones were erected about 6,000 years ago, and the rest over a period of next 2,000 years.
I can never get my head around these numbers!

The Stone Circle is now looked after by National Trust and English Heritage.

The picture below is by English Heritage; the village of Avebury is to the north of the circle.  

Image result for avebury stone circle

National Trust is also taking care of the 300 years old barn, which now houses a museum.

You can see many more pictures here .

Just a short walk away from the Museum are Avebury Manor and Gardens , dated back to 16th century.
It is also looked after by the National Trust.

The property was leased out for a time and when returned to NT, it was of course empty of any furniture.
Unlike Barrington Court (which the NT decided to keep unfurnished), Avery Manor was furnished in the collaboration with BBC.
Each room in the house reflects a different time in the life of the house, and because none of the furniture are museum pieces, you are encouraged to explore, to touch and sit on chairs and beds.

The dining room was my favourite - the wall paper is hand painted.

Outside are walled gardens - it is dahlia time.

And few pictures from the village itself.

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  1. How interesting! Beautiful pictures.

  2. what an amazing stately house, the furnishing has been done with such care and the gardens look stunning. I would feel very happy to be living in the little village

  3. Thank you Radka for sharing your lovely photos of your day in Avebury. Enjoyed them so much, What a delightful manor house, love the homely touches. Very pretty gardens and village. Must visit there one day, now you have inspired me.

  4. Gorgeous photos of a lovely and interesting outing. My favorit is the hand painted wall paper with the Chinese scenes. Just beautiful.

  5. Thanks for beautiful and interesting pictures. Think I now have been in England for some minutes now :-)))
    Hugs Gudrun

  6. Great pictures Radka - it must be a fabulous place to visit. Somehow I have never been there! xx

  7. what a beautiful place! I wish I could go there some day.

  8. Radka, je to nádherné miesto! Ďakujem ti za zdielanie, prišla som si na svoje !

  9. What a wonderful post!!! I love seeing glimpses of other places so thank you for sharing your day out with us.


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