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Monday, 19 March 2018

blue pots

As I mentioned in one of my previous post,
I have been planning my new quilt project - my own design.

This is  "work in progress" on the first block.
I am calling this quilt "Blue Pots" (a working title, for now anyway), because the plan is to make 4 blocks with the same blue pot.

I am using both needle turn and raw edge applique (some of the leaves are very small, 
too fiddly to needleturn).

 On Saturday morning I made a quick trip to Midsomer Quilting
(before the snow came - they are right on the edge of Chilcompton and it could had been a problem getting back up the hill once the snow was down).
I wanted some new fabrics for this block. 
The nice people at Midsomer Quilting will cut min 10 cm of any fabric,
which is all I need for small applique.

This as far as I have got so far, using the new fabrics.
The blue fabric is "Hungarian Blue Print" from my stash;
I have several of these in various designs.
I bought them from Kekfesto Cotton some time ago,
and they gave me the idea for "blue pots".
The background fabric is a rather non de-script grey/green, hard to photograph.

Although we had some more snow during the night, today is much warmer and most of it has gone already. 
Lets hope that was the last of it! 

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  1. A wonderful design with very nice fabrics.

  2. beautiful work Rdka,thankyou for sharing xx

  3. Looking lovely so far Radka. xx

  4. Beautiful work. Looking forward to seeing your progress x

  5. It will be good to see this project as it progresses.


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