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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Jolly Red

For a long time I wished for one of  Jolly Red larger needlepoint tapestry kits. The price tag has always stopped me from getting one for myself, so I asked Father Christmas this year. And he obliged!
I received one of their latest designs, the Arts & Crafts Tiles.
Jolly Red is a local company, based here in Somerset.
Kelly Fletcher (mrs jollyred, as she calls herself) used to have a shop on a small trading estate in Hambridge. It was there where I met Kelly for the first time, on one of the courses she used to run from time to time. It was a wonderful day spent learning
"how to", I still have very fond memories of it, and of the lovely lunch next door, in the restaurant of the smokery at Brown & Forrest, which was included in the price of the one day course.
Kelly since closed the shop and moved down the road, where she now concentrates on designing her lovely kits, and promoting her business. Although a small company on the surface, I have seen Jolly Red kits in many shops, including large stores and there is the on-line shop of course. The kits vary in sizes, so there is something for everyone. Do check out the Christmas Stocking selection, a project for next year perhaps?
The kits are well made, clearly printed on a good canvas and include enough Anchor tapestry wool. They also run a making up service, should you need it.

As you can see, despite a busy week socially, I have started stitching already. I find this an ideal winter project, in the front of the fire. I even manage to watch the TV at the same time!

I did listen, Kelly, I am staring from the middle :)

Kelly also has a blog Jollyredstitches.


  1. Good luck with the new kit. It looks so beautiful.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR and hugs from Gudrun

  2. Dear Radka, What a beautiful new start, wishing you much fun with ist.
    I like your header very much -
    all the best to you

  3. best wishes for New Year, your sewing looks great xx

  4. You have made a very good start on your new kit and I will look forward to following the progress. Happy 2012 with lots of time to stitch!

  5. Looks like this will be a lovely project Radka. I haven't done 'needlepoint' for a long time. It is relaxing, but time consuming. I hope you enjoy every stitch. I did enjoy the story behind this post.


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