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Sunday, 4 December 2011

not yet Christmas?

It is hard to believe that Christmas is only 3 weeks away, with our weather still being more autumn than winter. I took these pictures on our walk only last week and it would a shame not to share them.

So, just a little break from all things Christmas.....




Isn't nature wonderful!

But back to all things Christmas,

the first of my Christmas baking today.

As in the previous year, the children in my granddaughter's school designed their own Christmas cards and the school arranged to have them printed.

This is a card designed by my granddaughter, age 6.

Have a good week!


  1. Oh my gosh, those photos are just gorgeous! Isn't it wonderful how nature decorates? So naturally perfect. I'm getting ready to do my baking, too. Haven't done any for the past couple of years, but my FIL asked for Christmas cookies this year, so I will definitely be making them. And your granddaughter's card is delightful!

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!



  2. Hallo Radka
    YES!! Isn´t it a wonderful winter this year. Now it is just 17 days before it getting lighter again.
    We don´t have any leafs but the grass is green so it is like always prettier by you:-)The mushroom is very beatiful and look proud.
    Have a nice week/Gudrun

  3. You can visit our cabin in the mountains of Norway.. We were there this weekend and it was like a fairytail with 20 cm with snow and it was very cold there toady! I have been cleaning and decorating ready for Christmas to arrive !!!

  4. As always you have some wonderful photos from the nature to show us.
    It looks like this here to. Except we have had some very dark and rainy days.
    I will me baking for Christmas on Wednesday together with my DIL.
    Have a nice week too.

  5. Your photographs just get better and better Radka. I so enjoy seeing what you see. You have an eye for exactly what to capture [in my opinion!!]. Thank you sincerely for that.

    Love the bikkies, yummmmmmm.

    What a beautiful card too, and an excellent idea. Cheers.

  6. Your photos of the autumn colours are stunning. We are experiencing the opposite here, with some cool days as a relief from the hot summer days we should be having.

    Your grandaughter has inherited your talents

    those biccies would go well any time of year.

  7. Love those beautiful nature pics.

  8. Gorgeous photos, Radka, quite inspirational. We are having weird weather too this week. Supposed to be summer hmmmph Only getting to 17 deg tomorrow!! (normal for this time of year is 27 deg) I love your little grandaughters card. very cute.

  9. Your right the holiday season is flying by, and very nice images on this post. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa

  10. What a beautiful autumn we have had this year in the UK. Your photos capture it so well. Seems to be getting colder now though, and I can believe that Christmas is so near now. SIL is making my Christmas cake, so I am lucky and don't really have much (if any) Christmas baking to do. Anyway I enjoy seeing what you are making. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to taste via internet??

    How encouraging for your little granddaughter's card to be printed, she must be very proud of it,.

  11. Stupende immagini Radka!!!!!!!! Bellissimi i funghi.
    Bravissimo tuo nepote
    Un bacione

  12. Thank you for your nice message .
    I am glad that you like my creation ...
    Your photos are beautiful and napečené candy is definitely great.
    Also hard baking .
    They are our favorite .
    Have a nice day of Advent ,

  13. Yes, Radka, it's very hard to believe, here in Sicily too, where still can wear short sleeves!!!!!!!!!!!! Your pictures are wonderful! Enjoy your Christmas, Clara.

  14. Mila Radko, krasne obrazky a prima napad upect pracny!
    Uz hledam v me ceske kucharce na ne rezept. Formicky mam jeste z domova :-)
    Hezke svatky preje Jana z Hamburku



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