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Saturday, 21 January 2012

my oldest UFO, finished and stretching

I have bravely changed my header, as snowdrops are coming up all around in our part of the world. It is probably a long way to spring yet, but there is hope.....

My oldest UFO.
Many, many, many years ago I bought my first needlepoint tapestry kit. I wasn't doing much of any stitching at the time and I had no particular interest in needlepoint, I just fell in love with the design.
And so I brought my kit home and started stitching. From the top. First BIG mistake, as I learnt later.
My stitching looked terrible, and I lost heart. My new and exiting project wasn't so exiting any more. It got pushed around various corners, in the end it ended up in a wooden trunk.

Now, to end up in the wooden trunk is the ultimate in our house. It means "unwanted, uncared for, unloved". The trunk gets very rarely inspected, after the trunk it is usually a jumble sale.
Then one day, in the middle of the Somerset countryside, I came across Jolly Red, a shop owned my Kelly Fletcher, a needlepoint heaven. I wrote about Jolly Red in my 31. December post, so I will not repeat.

I rescued my kit from the trunk and in one of Kelly's workshops I learnt how to stitch needlepoint tapestry. Unfortunately, during my initial attempts I wasted some of the cream Anchor wool, used for the background and that shade was no longer in production. I had to use the nearest shade to it, but of course, it does show. Still, it took a long time before the tapestry was finished, as there were new and more exiting projects around, and even after I did finish it, it was stored, rolled up, in my workroom. Until today.

My oldest UFO, my first ever needlepoint embroidery, finished, washed and stretching, waiting to dry.


It will probably live out its life as a part of a cushion cover, I have not decided yet, but I will let you know when I'll do!

Have a good weekend!


  1. ooh! I like the cherries it would be a shame NOT to finish themxx I also love your snowdrops...such promise for the spring xx

  2. I love the pattern and the colours..of course you have to make it once..for springtime:-))
    Spring is just around the corner..I have small snowdrops in my garden!!

    Hugs Gudrun

  3. Doesn't it feel good to have it out of the trunk and finished? It's quite lovely, too. And so is that trunk! :o)



  4. Oh Radka,
    Love this post - I can relate to your UFO story so well!!!!

    It will make a lovely cushion cover and will cheer up any corner on a dark day.

    Love your snowdrop header - they are the sweetest little flowers and yes a reminder of beaytiful Spring.

    My UFO'S are wrapped in old pillowcases and stored in a blanket box too! Not sure if they'll ever see the light of day again!!!

    Shane x

  5. Hi Radka, it is a beatuty you should display it no matter in which form!

  6. I think it is wonderful that after so many years you have found a love for needle point and have finished it. It will make a grand cushion. Sometimes things happen like this until we develop the skills needed. Its like cross stitch for me. I hate it but when I did that rose design last year I really enjoyed myself and couldn't put it down. I think it was more the subject matter though. Mind you I haven't done any cross stitch since. LOL.

  7. It's darling! I'm sure it feels so nice to have it finished.

  8. Not a bad place to rest in for such a beatyful trunk but still a bad place for such beatyful work. You must feel satisfied with yourself cause I think it has nagged your mind for a long time.
    Snowdrops, what a nice dream! They are at least 2,5 month away for us here in northern Sweden
    Have a nice week

  9. Great header photo - how lucky to have signs of spring.
    The cherries are wonderful and congratulations on the finish!!

  10. Must be feeling very satisfied at completing a UFO .

    It will make a lovely cushion cover. I shall wait to see what you do with it


  11. It must be that time of year as I have been delving into my UFO cupboard too - too many to count but I try each year to finish at least one or two. Well done with your needlepoint tapestry and it will make a lovely cushion. Take care.

  12. Dear Radka,
    What a good idea to finsih it, it looks so good. I like your beautiful trunk and your new header, because snowdrop are also here looking out from the ground -
    have a nice time an many greetings from Austria

  13. Radka, your needlepoint cherries look so nice. I am so pleased for you that you finally found the urge to finish it. I think in time the colour difference will not be a worry. It took me ten years to finally finish my first quilt, so I know that feeling of satisfaction. I do love your trunk, despite what it represents..........LOL...... Love the cyclamen, and the snowdrops, very, very nice. Have a good week.

  14. Hi, Radka. Good way to start the new year. Quite a beautiful design, those cherries! The combination of reds and greens is always so pleasing.
    best, nadia

  15. Radka, That is simply gorgeous - makes me want to start needlepoint again - BUT I know mine would become a UFO and I already have too many to mention of those from my days as a consultant for Coats crafts, so I will resist (for now!!!)

  16. Oh! it feels so good when something is completed, especially if it has been hanging around for a while.

    It would make such a lovely cushion to use in your garden in summertime? maybe ??

    My needlepoint UFO is in the loft, a garden scene, unfortunately I keep "borrowing" the crewel yarns, not a good idea I know!

  17. Great effort Radka. Also love your header photo - I only wish my garden here in Aust could look as green as yours. I have a lot of natives which look after themselves and survive the drought, but of course the grass grows 'brown' in the summer.

  18. Goog luck on finishing your UFO.
    I noticed the folded quilt on top of the trunk. The dresden plate, do you have more photos of that one?

  19. The trunk looks beautiful to me. It could hold lots of sewing treasures.

  20. In my opinion your so beautiful wooden trunk should keep all the works and treasures you love and not the contrary!!!
    Luckily you took out your old UFO (do you really have UFO's too ? ;-) !!), it's good you've finished, it IS nice!


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