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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

two in one day

Last year I was fortunate to "meet" Gudrun, who has a lovely blog, and we have been keeping in touch.

In a picture in one of her recent blog post I saw a fabric I liked very much. I need to make some new cushions for our sofas and I though this fabric would do very well.
Gudrun was very kind and emailed me a close up of the border with the name of the design, "Jolie Jardin."
I could not find it on any of the UK sites, eventually I tracked it down on ebay, from Sew-Creative-Fabric, for a very reasonable price. My fabric parcel arrived today. I like it as much as I did when I saw it in Gudrun's picture.

But that wasn't the only parcel I received today.
The second parcel came from Sweden, a surprise from Gudrun! A beautiful, beautiful present, using the same fabric.



  1. Such beautiful fabric and a wonderful surprise too.

  2. I absolutely love that fabric. How nice of Gudrun to make you the pretty bags. What a sweetheart!

  3. OK! Its time to go and buy a lotery ticket xx

  4. I can see why you wanted it - beautiful.
    What a sweetie Gudrun is - bloggers are truly lovely people!!

  5. Ooooh, I can see why you love that fabric,'s gorgeous! And how thoughtful and sweet of Gudrun to send you such a lovely gift. Someone recently said to me that my "blog friends weren't really friends because I didn't really know them" - well, I so disagree! I think all of us bloggers have made some very special friends all over the world, and I'm sure that you agree! :o)



  6. What a gorgeous colour that fabric is. I'm sure you will enjoy your cushions and they will look so bright and cheerful. Thoughtful friend to make something for you in a fabric she knows you will love.

  7. You are so very lucky - not only the piece of fabric is wonderful but the purses are beautiful and loveable.

  8. I can see why you love this fabric - it looks glorious!! Thank you for the link, and also for sharing the lovely handmade gifts sent by Gudrun. I know you are one who will appreciate the time and love that such things mean. Cheers.

  9. Very nice this fabric!
    And surprise is wonderful!

  10. I think I'm gonna ask Gudrun something about that fabric , too ;) LOL...her present is wonderful worked and so-so beautiful . You are a happy girl, Radka! I'm anxious to see those future pillows, must be gorgeous.

  11. Wow, that fabric is lovely, and so is your blog. I cannot stitch, knit or sew, just not talented with my hands. I am following you immidiately, perhaps I can learn something from you. Greetings from Rome! I am actually Sicilian and live in Trapani, Sicily.

  12. Colors and design - a dream-material!
    And a very nice gift from Gudrun!

  13. Che meraviglia Radka!!!!!! E' bellissima questa stoffa e il regalo di Gudrun è favoloso, è stata proprio bravissima
    Un grosso bacio


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