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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

cherry cushion

My oldest UFO, my first ever needlepoint tapestry, is starting its new life as a cushion.

This was a very good exercise, because this was the first time I stretched a finished needlepoint tapestry, and I realised how important it is to do this job right. I have not done it as well as it should be. My corners are not quite square, so the tapestry is a bit wonky and as a result it was not easy to fit the embroidery into a square piece of fabric. I will know better next time....


  1. It looks perfect and wonderful to me! :)

  2. Your comments doesn't accept my wordpress account...

  3. Is it wonderful ( makes me drool thinking of tasty cherries :)) ) and I like the fabric that you use for the pillow. The simple lines of it, straight lines against the "roundiness" of the cherries...wonderful effect !
    One UFO finished! great job !

  4. Congratulations to the cunshion-- I love it!
    The fabric is perfect to the tap
    Kram Gudrun

  5. Its beautiful all the same. I love it.

  6. Sooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!! Give it a place of honor!

  7. I tried needlepoint years and years ago. I never made anything as pretty as your piece. In fact, I can't remember a completed piece. I think I always chose too complicated designs.

  8. What a bright and cheery cushion! I think it's lovely, especially as I don't do needlepoint at all.

  9. Well, congratulations on such a perfect setting for the tapestry Radka. I have to tell you I can't notice the not so perfect corners. The fabric is just right, but then your choices are always that way in my opinion. I am soooooooo happy for you to have this lovely piece completed and on display.

  10. Love it dear Radka!
    You house is just brimming over with beautiful pieces that you have made ny hand - be very proud!!!

    much love

  11. E' bellissimo e allegro, sei forte carissima Radka

  12. I join with everyone else in admiring your completed cushion and I think too that you have chosen a very suitable background fabric. Now you just have to enjoy it.

  13. Beautiful cushion, I love the cherries!

  14. Regardless, it is a beautiful finish. The border is perfect and really shows off the tapestry. Feels good to finish this off I would imagine!! Now you can enjoy the 'fruits' of your labour:-)

  15. Moc hezký polštář,perfektní práce,zdravím libuše


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