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Sunday, 12 February 2012

sweet smell of summer - in february

The winter is still very much with us, and although it was noticeably warmer today, there is still some snow on the ground. The weather man promises temperatures above zero for the coming week, hurrah!     

In the pictures on the left is a part of my last year's lavender harvest. Some of the dry lavender is still unprocessed, and as I did not feel like stitching anything too complicated this weekend, I decided to play. I think lavender is something you love or hate. I love it, and at this time of year it is a welcome reminder of summer.

I wish you all a very good week!


  1. Adoro la lavanda, hai fatto bene ad usarla ora, evoca la primavera e da un senso di freschezza e leggerezza

  2. Sempre é bom ver fotos de lavandas...que bom que o frio devagar está indo embora... e logo chega a Primavera!

  3. I just adore lavender Radka. I even put some oil in with a mosquito repellent brew I mix up for our dogs!! Your lavender pictures are all so beautifully presented as always. Love those little sachets, so very sweet. Have a good week.

  4. Your sachets are just darling. I also love lavender, and played around with it just last weekend, but I didn't make those sweet sachets.

  5. I love lavendel too!
    So nice in the garden at wonderful scent.Unfortunately many died the last winter, when it was so cold.
    A wish you a nice week too!

  6. ooh! I am in the LOVE camp...can almost smell it from here...or is that just wishfull smelling lol

  7. Mmm i can smell that lovely Lavender from favourite.

  8. Tolik krásných polštářků a levandule...
    Už se moc těším na tu svoji na zahrádce.
    Děkuji za návštěvu na mém blogu.
    Mám velkou radost...
    S pozdravem, Soňa

  9. Personally, I love lavender too. You sachets look really sweet and it must be a lovely reminder of warmer times for you. Enjoy.

  10. Oh so pretty your lavender sachets. Wonderful compliment to a wonderful plant. You have such a good way with colour and tasteful decoration Radka.

  11. Beautiful! ... and the scent! So nice to read your blog! Today is St Valentin´s day. My grandfathers name was Valentin. I wish you all good!

  12. I do, too, "play" when I'm not in the mood for sewing so I understand you so well ....usually I'm playing with fabric scraps or cooking something sweet ...sweet are your lavender pictures and those perfumed small bags ..but that basket seems quite appealing ;), something very interesting must born from there.

  13. Love lavendar. We lost ours in the floods. They just didnt like being drowned for a few days. Not long planted some new ones so hopefully we will have some fresh lavendar next year. Your sachets look lovely too.

  14. I am very fond of lavender too. It's for me the typical scent of summer. I guess you have a lot of plants, seeing all the lovely sachets you made. What sort of lavender with such an intense blue color, do you have?
    Enjoy the first Spring days to come!


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