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Sunday, 12 August 2012

you have to get up early for this

Most weekends we go for an early walk, preferably before breakfast. It feels like we have earned the pot of fresh coffee and warm croissants after that!
Our favourite place for a walk is a forest around the Stourhead estate, a few miles by car from our house.

There always seems to be something new to see,
like this spider's new creation.

Our first wild blackberry of the season.

I was taking pictures of unusual shapes around,

when from the corner of my eye I could see a pair of dark eyes watching me. 
I nearly dropped my camera! I managed somehow to signal to DH not to move, while I lifted the camera in the direction of the dark eyes. 
Please, please, you gorgeous creature, don't run away, let me take your picture!

She waited, as if she could read my mind, then slowly turned around and walked away.
Isn't she beautiful!

Yes, you have to come early for this!


  1. You can come and visit me . We have them in our garden and you can most likely see them late at night or early in the morning.. They are so cute 1 mom with twins and kids are playing hide and seek in our garden ;-)

  2. Hi Radka! I'm sorry I've been away for so has been keeping me so busy and away from blogging!

    I really enjoyed your post today...your photos, as always, are beautiful. You have a nice eye for capturing the beauty in nature...and the doe is so sweet. Glad you were able to capture her image.

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!



  3. Krásné! Vypadá to tam u vás téměř stejně jako u nás, také jsou tu nedaleko bukové lesy, střídané borovými a smrkovými.
    Skoro bych věřila na lesní skřítky, když vidím ty fotky.

  4. I love the photos you have added today. I like the two fo the trees. The top one looks like a Cassawary & her chick, & the one underneath it looks like a giant cattapillar with a stuned look on its face. And how exciting to see the deer.
    Hugs Elizabeth xx

  5. Dear Radka,
    Again such a wonderful post with wonderful pictures. I can immagine how much you enjoy these walks -

  6. What a bonus to get those two wonderful photos of your deer - not easy I know - magical!

    I had many forest walks in France but didn't once see an animal, maybe three noisy girls didn't help!!!!

    Very special photos thank you Radka!

    Wishing you an enjoyable week doing what you love most.


  7. Such a beautiful place for a walk, one could spend hours!

  8. GReat pics once again. you do visit some beautiful places radka.

  9. What a beautiful place to walk and certainly worth getting up early to see sights like this. Take care.

  10. Oh! how beautiful is that? One of life's delightful and unexpected treasured moments.

  11. Que hermoso blog, lleno de ternura!, me ha encantado la fotografia del bambi y las demás! gracias por compartir.

  12. Radko mate u vas krasne misto na prochazku,udelala jsi velice zajimave fotky.Po takove prochazce snidane urcite chutna lip.

  13. Hi Radka,
    I enjoy using your beautiful pictures
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog.

  14. Lucky you! You've been at the right place at the right moment to take the pictures of the shy deer. It always is a great pleasure to walk in forests, there are so many things to explore. Luckily we live quite close to the forest too.

  15. How wonderful the deer and the tree in funny shapes! I love the spider'web'!! Warm regards, Alexandra.


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