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Monday, 27 August 2012

wet Monday

It is holiday here in UK today, the last one before Christmas. And true to the tradition, it is raining....

What is there to do? Stitching, of course! 
A chance to finish the 3rd block of Yoko Saito's Mystery Quilt.

Block no4 is already at the planing stage.

Next week we will be in September, the first of the autumn months, but the summer has been so short here in UK, if you can call it summer at all! We can only hope for warm and sunny autumn.....

And the garden is soggy again...

I wish you all a busy stitching week!


  1. my garden is fast giving in this year!! VERY waterlogged xx never mind will just have to hope for NEXT year xx

  2. Dear Radka,
    You are making the best out of the weather, enjoy your stitching and have a good time -

  3. We are having a very wet winter after a disappointing summer so I know how you feel. More time for stitching and I think your garden is looking great, Love those flower pics.

  4. What a lovely Quilt, Radka, the colours are mine...
    I love the pictures from your garden!

  5. Your 3rd block of houses is beautiful Radka - love the colours and interesting fabrics you've used. The little dog is so sweet!!

    Love the way Alcamilla mollis holds rain drops - magical!

    Have a happy week.
    Shane x

  6. HI! Radka. A beautiful new header, a great photo.The same for your garden.The Yoko blocks are lovely and the colours so pretty. The little cat is cute. A lot of work in the blocks.

  7. Milá Radko, moc tě zdravím a obdivuji ty krásné zmoklé fotky!
    Děkuji ti za komentář, ani ve snu by mě nenapadlo tak živé a osobní vzpomínky mazat!
    Moc děkuji a zdravím, Helena

  8. oh how i long for a summer like yours radka. cool and damp would be a nice change lol. i think they are saying it will be hot and dry this year. its funny how dian is only 2.5 hrs from us and the weather is so totally different too.
    the houses are coming along nicely and i love seeing them.

  9. The rain is wonderful for your garden. Those fuschias are beautiful. I am sure that you will do a great job with that lovely quilt.

  10. Absolutely stunning photographs again Radka. I simply adore them. Thank you for brightening my afternoon here. We are so very dry, and would love some of your rain. You are really making progress with your stitching. I am still knitting, and watering gardens!!

  11. It is hard to believe that someone has had a warm and pleasant summer when you see how it has looked like in our countries. It really visible on the plants that they have not had enough sun.
    But we are looking forward and thinking that next summer, we will have it sunny and warm, and until then we continue to sew.
    Your photos are, as usual, absolutely gorgeous and says a lot about the weather we have. And your flowers are still so beautiful!


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