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Saturday, 23 February 2013

sweet cumin

The cold weather is with us again, although very dry, it is trying to snow just a little.
But I want to tell your about a very "warm" day I had yesterday.

I like Indian food, providing it is not too hot, but when ever I looked at recipes in my cookery books, I changed my mind, when confronted with a long list of spices needed.
Not long before Christmas I was reading an article in the Mendip Times about "Sweet Cumin", a cookery school specialising in Indian, namely Gujarati food. Sweet Cumin happens to be based here in Somerset, not very far from where I live. Both my DD and my DS's partner were also interested, so I contacted Bini at Sweet Cumin and booked a day for our course.
Yesterday the 3 of us arrived in Bini's lovely kitchen for our "Weekend Family Meal" course.

In her introduction Bini told us little about her family's Gujarati background, then we talked about and tasted spices we were going to use in our cooking.

The menu:
roast chicken curry
aubergine and potatoe curry
savoury rice and yogurt sauce

After that it was hands on, Bini demonstarted and we followed,

and this is our roast chicken curry finished

a close up of my dish.

When the rest of the food was finished, it was time to sit down and taste.

We enjoyed our time with Bini very much.
The course was well prepared, relaxed and friendly, just like cooking in a friend's kitchen.
And we all took a complete meal home, to eat in the evening!

From my point - I am no longer affraid to blend spices, and I am now in a process of reorganising my spices and re-discovering my Indian cookery books.

Thank you, Bini, for a wonderful morning!

Interestingly, from the point of this blog, Bini studied textile design and after that was teaching textiles, until she changed direction, to share with us her food heritage and the cooking skills her mother was teaching her. 
Of course, as you and I know, textiles and cooking go together very well!

Sweet Cumin was born (if you click on the highlited name, you will be taken to Bini's website).

By the way, Bini is taking a part in the ITV's new food programme Food Glorious Food, which starts next week, and its aim is to find Britain's best loved recipe. I believe you will be able to see Bini on the 5th March, when the programme visits South West. A book to acompany the programme has already been published.

© 2013


  1. Sounds like you all had an amazing time with Bini. It would be very interesting to learn the skills of making an authentic dish.

  2. I too love Indian good but am put off with the huge array of spices needed for each recipe. You have given some inspiration to dig out my recipes again. What a lovely day it would have been with family.

  3. What a wonderful day. I love Gujurati food, it's light, just right. Nicely blended spices, and yummy. I haven't had my breakfast yet and the finished dishes are making me feel hungry. Curry for breakfast? Why not!!! Have fun exploring more recipes. I'll look out for Bini on 5th March.

  4. I am very fond of Indian food too and curry (hot!) is my favourite spice since childhood. Whenever we have the chance to visit an Indian restaurant, we take it. I really envy you for this inspiring day you had with Bini ;-) ! I'm sure you enjoyed it very much . I only once attended a Indian cooking class some years ago.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  5. Very interesting day .I also think of all the spices needed so don't cook it.The menu sounds delicious and the roast chicken not being overly hot. I will have to try and cook this.

  6. What a smart thing to do! Sounds like it was very inspirational and you learnt a lot.

  7. What a lovely thing to do on a Winter's morning Radka!

    I enjoy 'mild' Indian food too.
    Years ago we had Indian neighbours and Nela gave me her recipe for Lamb Chops Indienne - now a family favourite!

    I'll watch out for the 'Food Glorious Food' series on Food TV - I'll probably have to wait a year or two for it to reach the colonies!!!

    Shane ♥


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