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Monday, 30 December 2013

this and that, roses and a thimble

Christmas is just a memory now. For those less fortunate here in UK, the memory will not be so nice; the high winds and rain managed to spoil it for many; if not flooded, then no electricity over Christmas certainly wasn't any fun.
Most of us down here in the South West were more fortunate; yes wind and rain, some damage in the garden, but that was all. We even had some really nice sunny days over Christmas, although the horrid weather is back now, and it seems, for a while yet.
Before Christmas DH started to work on a new rose bad in the front of the house. Not ideal time to play out, but good time to plant roses; well, so we thought.

By the time the roses arrived, what is going to be a rose bed, was a muddy patch.

Well, they just had to be planted, and hopefully by the summer they will look beautiful!

DH, the decorator, was working hard before Christmas, to transform


into this

The floor is yet to be done, but we had a living room for Christmas!

The stairs are also finished, my contribution being the painted mirrors, a charity shop find, to optically widen the very narrow staircase.

And the quilt at the top, of course.

Yesterday, the last of the nice days, we ventured out, up to Beacon Hill. The walk turned out to be a very muddy one, but fresh air was very much needed.

Some interesting shapes,

and a misty view over the Somerset Levels, parts of it flooded over Christmas, with the Glastonbury Tor
in the centre.

And the thimble?

A sweet present from Secret Santa on Christmas Day.

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  1. Hello Radka,

    I could never image planting roses in the Winter. We had 20 inches of snow on Christmas Day so your Muddy patch seem good to me but I am sure the roses would not.. I look forward to seeing your rose patch in the Spring..

    Your Living room transformation is very pretty as is the stairway.. Lovely wall hangings.. It was nice to see your out of doors in Dec. so much different than ours. I wish you and your DH a Very Happy New Year. Hugs Judy

  2. Dear Radka,
    Very good to plant roses, get somehow settled and take again wonderful walks in an interesting sorrounding - the thimble ist great
    all the best for the New Year

  3. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We moved a few roses, but won't plant any more. Our foggy mornings in the spring and summer mean we have to battle blackspot and powdery mildew all of the time. Your decorating efforts are lovely. I'm sure you'll be very happy in your new home.

  4. The weather seems to be very unpredictable. It certainly would have been awfully cold for the ones with no electricity. Your DH has done a fantastic renovation-- looks very homely and cosy. The photo of Glastonbury Tor has brought back memories of our trip in October. Wishing you and your family a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. Lots of patchwork and quilting in 2014.

  5. The living room looks beautiful , I hope the weather improves a bit for you , wishing you and DH a Happy Healthy and Safe New Year. Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work then :-)

  6. Love David Austin roses although I do mainly have hybrid tea or florubunda's in my garden. Might have to think about replacing a few that have been suffering a bit over the last two seasons.
    The decorating looks fantastic and I love how the stairs turned out too. It is worth all the hard work to get things looking just the way you like them.

  7. A beautiful thimble too! Lucky you.

  8. the house is coming along a treat, I like the weay you have done the stairs without a carpet. I am sure the roses will be very happy where you are planting them. See you have some lovely walks around where you live. Love the thimble

  9. so glad you had such a beautiful room to spend Christams in xx
    The roses will keep and your garden will soon look lovely .
    Best wishes for the New Year x

  10. You both did a wonderful job in your house - and the garden will be a paradise when spring comes. I like your beautiful sitting room. All very perfect. I think you will have a nice and cosy New Year's Eve tonight! I wish you all happiness and health on earth. And thanks for your friendship during the year.

  11. máte pěkný obývák, povedl se. a quilt na schodišti má opravdu důstojné místo.


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