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Sunday, 1 December 2013

second West Country Quilt Show

You came with me to the first ever West Country Quilt Show a year ago, doesn't a year fly by!
 It was relatively very quiet then, in a half empty exhibition hall at the Bath and West showground.
Last Thursday was a start of this year' show and so I was curious if it would be any different.
I went early on Thursday, so I could take clear pictures of quilts on show.
It was nice to see that there was more exhibitors taking part and the hall looked more full this time, but as you can see, still very quiet at that time of the day.

Too many stall holders have put up a sign "No Photographs", which is a shame of course, so I can't show you who was there.

The Tentmakers of Cairo did not mind.

Very early I came across Jan Tillett's small stall, with beautiful examples of her work.

As you know, I am very much a hand stitcher, very rarely I drop the feet of my sewing machine!
That morning I was lucky, I got the last place on Jan's first workshop "Shimmer and Wrinkle", using shrink polyester and machine embroidery. It involved wadding, net, angelina fibres and shrink polyester, of course.
Don't look at my stitching, concentrate on the result, LOL!

Thank you, Jan, it was fun!

You can see Jan's instruction video on youtube here .

Of course, there was some replenishing of my stash going on also:

And now my favourites from the quilt show:

Happy stitching!

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  1. Oh you were in your element Radka!!!!
    That's a bit precious - maybe they fear the "intellectual property" law.
    I found many shop keepers were like that in France this year.

    Beautiful quilts on show, the modern ones are so artistic but I still prefer the traditional quilts especially the old Homesteader American muslin quilts.

    Thank you Radka I enjoyed my visit and see you picked up quite a handful of goodies!!!


  2. -thank you for sharing the pictures, must have been a wonderful Show -
    greetings Hanna

  3. All the quilt look amazing thank you for sharing. I do like the fabrics you have purchased will look forward to seeing them made into something beautiful !!

  4. what a great day out, some lovely quilts here, the one with pinks,oranges etc colours you would never think would work looks amazing. Certainly I have never seen such a quiet show, hopefully more people came later in the day or the stall holders would have had meagre takings and lost money

  5. I love quilt shows-- and this looks great. The modern quilts look lovely, but I still love the traditional varieties. You have added some interesting fabrics to your stash


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