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Thursday, 13 February 2014

houses revisited

Our run of the wet weather, political storm and blaming game continue, as more and more areas of the country are under water, catching emergency services totally unprepared for something like this happening over here. Usually we are the ones sending help to emergencies abroad. 
In my part of Somerset the rain changed to hailstones this morning, and then to snow, falling on our "not yet garden".

In the front the newly planted roses were covered in no time, as was the new lavender hedge, plated in the autumn, now hardly visible on left of the picture.

It did not last, as the sun came out for a while, giving us a chance to go for a walk. This was only a short break in the weather, more rain and gales are forecasted for tomorrow, adding to the misery of all those people suffering already. 

Also today I have rediscovered another one of my last year's project, until now still packed away since the move, Yoko Saito's Mystery Quilt (no longer a mystery), or "my houses" as I call it. 

It is time to get on and finish it, there is still lots of stitching to do on the borders.

I have some new tools for my "tool box", these tiny scissors are great for cutting out tiny applique shapes. I wish I had them and the Apliquick tools before I started this quilt, considering how many Sewline sticks (which are great, by the way, could not be without them) I have used so far, using my fingers and covering them in glue.

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  1. No snow here yet - just the hail. When will it end!?
    That is a super quilt - I love the wee houses. I couldn't manage without my Sewline glue pen either - whatever did we do before them?:)

  2. Dear Radka,
    Looks very bad. I wish you all the bestand that all your things will remain -

  3. Have been hearing about England on our news and am seeing so many going under water. It is a sad state of affairs that there has to be parliamentary bickering as well. Everyone should just knuckle down and get on with the job of helping people. On a happier note I love seeing your 'houses' back and yes those tools look very helpful. I myself only have the glue pen but used it heaps when I was working on my hexagon quilts.

  4. Very sad to see all those houses under water. Stay safe and warm. I love your houses, it is on my list of to make but haven't started yet.

  5. Hope your garden will be okey after this weather.Love the quilt,you have done a great job.
    Hugs Gudrun

  6. Radko we seen it on news yesterday how bad the weather is in England .I am glad that you are OK ,hopefully the rain and snow will ease soon and thighs will improve for you.

  7. no snow here in Leeds but wow the wind on wednesday night was frightening. Hope the lavender survives the snow with it not being established yet.
    Your quilt looks amazing hope to see a photo of it completed soon. Like the large handles on the scissors, having big hands I struggle with little scissors, must keep my eyes open for some of these. Saw the applique tools being demonstrated on create and craft a couple of weeks ago, had not seen them before.
    spoke too soon weather forecast says we could get snow later today

  8. You are having shocking weather. I feel for the people who are flooded out. On the other hand, I feel for the country people here who are in drought!
    I have the appliquik tool too-- but have not had a chance to try it as yet-- will have to use it soon-- must think up of a project where I can use it.

  9. I have not seen those sticks before, they look very handy indeed, as do the scissors. Send some of your rain over here please. Those poor people need a break (especially from the politicians).

  10. Just watched Lynette Anderson demonstrate the appliquick tools and the gluing. Very easy and, yes, it would have been a big help with all your applique bits. Next Thank you for showing them.


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