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Friday, 4 April 2014

early spring at Barrington Court

It is still early, another month and the gardens of Barrington Court will be overflowing with colours, but even today there were some interesting pictures.

Needless to say that a visit to Barrington Patchwork, who have moved to a larger premises on the estate, is a must.

On our way home we passed Kelways Nursery, who are well known for their peonies and irises and are regulars at the Chelsea Flower Show.
Of course, we could not leave there without some plants for our new garden.

I wish you all a very pleasant weekend.
 Here in UK it looks like we will be having a very wet Sunday and we know what is the best solution for that - stitching!

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  1. Beautiful photos. Loved seeing them. Looks like you found flowers in bloom, even though it's early! Happy stitching this weekend.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful photos happy stitching !

  3. lovely photos, you are much ahead of us here in Yorkshire, I do have tulips that look as if they could open in the next few days but the fruit trees are doing very little so far

  4. Lucky girl! Lovely pictures.
    Here we don't know where Spring is, now I know - in UK!!!

  5. I love your photos and the castle - oh my, England, such good old tradition.

  6. These are really beautiful pictures - they make me feel optimistic that spring really has arrived:-)

  7. I love to see all these flowers. Not so early here.
    hugs Gudrun

  8. Gorgeous pictures, they certainly brightened up a very grey and wet morning!

  9. The photos are superb, Radka. You are a very good photographer!! The colours are so vibrant and the whole post with the old building and everything sooo old England. Lovely.

  10. Oh, my goodness such a lovely place to visit.. The spring flowers are all glorious. They all make you smile . Thanks for sharing hugs Judy

  11. ...anglické je prostě nádhera!
    Děkuji za fotky a moc tě zdravím Radko!

  12. I might just come and move into The Hall! Gorgeous pics and we are finally having some decent rain here too. This week we have had 48mm and it is still raining! Loving it. The garden is going to be very happy.


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