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Thursday, 24 July 2014

mystery afghan knit-a-long/weeks 4 & 5

Believe me, knitting is the last thing to do at the moment, with the night time temperatures hitting nearly 20°C,
so it is quite surprising that I have managed to finish another 2 weeks of the Mystery Knit-A-Long.
There are 6 blocks to knit each week, in two different colours. 
Although not a mystery any longer, as the instructions for the last week have been already published. But it will have to wait until the weather changes.

week 4

week 5

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  1. Beautiful knitting and the colours :)

  2. this is going to make a lovely blanket for when the winter comes, what a lovely summer we are having at the moment.

  3. The Patterns are very nice and your knitting perfect -
    have a nice Weekend

  4. Oh, how I love these patterns - and your knitting is so neat! Quite some work: 6 patches every week!!!

  5. Love this knitting you are working on.A very beautiful garden too:-))
    here just now 30C in the shadow,but a bath in the sea was so refreshing.
    Hope you enjoy these days.
    hugs Gudrun

  6. This is going to be a wonderful blanket! I love knitting to... in winter!

  7. 20oC isnt that hot out here lol. But yes very warm for you guys over there. Love these last two blocks!

  8. Čtverečky máš perfektní Radu, precizní práce a krásné barvy.
    Přeji hezkou sobotu, Helena

  9. What fabulous knitting, you clever thing! I'm finding it too hot to do anything but read, apart from early morning 'necessary' housework and watering the garden.

  10. Your knitting is so well done Radka. I love those designs, but alas I have never been very good at this so I can only admire.


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