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Monday, 7 July 2014

four seasons have come together

It has been a while since I posted last. 
I "blame" our lovely summer for that; now is time to be outside and simply enjoy it.
My stitching is also on a slow burner. There has been some more boring sewing, like taking trousers up. 
I definitely have shorter legs than average, because every time I buy trousers, I have to take them up..boring.

I have managed however to bring my four chicken blocks together. 
You know how after you have worked on separate blocks for a long time and then you join them together, it suddenly all makes sense? Well here we are, my four seasons chickens. It is only the outer border which is missing; it will be just plain and quite narrow. I am very pleased with the flying geese, I think they work well here.

It will be some time yet before I'll completely finish it. I think this calls for hand quilting and that will take time...
I have really enjoyed stitching applique blocks; I think I will use applique more often in the future.
The chicken tails were little more time consuming, choosing and stitching all those narrow strips of fabrics together, not really knowing how they will look until they are done.

Now the weather has cooled down, I will be back knitting squares for Mystery Knit-Along.

The plants in our new garden have suffered little with the heat of last few weeks, but nothing serious.
We have however lost our new plum tree; not due to shortage of water, but possibly due to some virus. 
The garden centre has agreed to honour the guarantee and replace it in the autumn.

Some disappointment with the new lavender hedge. In the autumn I ordered lots of lavender, Hidcote for the hedge, and a low variety, Little Lady (picture on the left), for underplanting roses.
Now all lavender is in flower, it turns out that all of the lavender the nursery sent me was Little Lady, which looks great in the rose bed, but of course is making very miserable hedge.
But they were great about it, admitted fault, and are sending new Hidcote for the hedge.
Hidcote, by the way, is in the picture at the top of this post.

I will leave you with some great hydrangea blooms from our new garden.

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  1. Dear Radka,
    I like both, your garden and your quilt -
    happy summer

  2. chickens are delightful and look great all together. My plum tree has been poor, first year lots of plums, last year none and this year 5, not sure what is feasting on it but there are more holes than leaves and although it was sold as a minature one it is enormous!!The pear tree likewise no fruit, the cherry has been desimated by the birds but there seem to be plenty of apples so I out of 4 has worked! What wonderful hydrangeas you have, your garden is certainly looking lovely with all your hard work, now just the lavender to replace

  3. So so adorable your chicken top! i love the joyful colors of your flying geese! Beautiful hydrangea!

  4. I love hydrangeas! The Flying geese are perfect with the chickens.

  5. Radko, ty PW bloky jsou úžasné!!!! Moc obdivuju Tvoji šikovnost. Zdravím a přeji krásné letní dny. pa Jitka

  6. Hi Radka, the lavender hedge will be wonderful under the roses once you got the right kind. In my Germany garden we have lavender around the roses, but it is too high, probably the wrong kind. The quilt is heart-warming. Lovely chicks. We planted a plum two years ago. Not yet any fruit. A sour cherry - about 6 little dry fruits - but lovely to eat. It is the 3. sour cherry tree since we have been gardening. All got ill after some time but carried a lot of wonderful fruit.

  7. I love this pink color of the flowers and I also love the colors of the chickens. in my garden also lives a hydrangea, unfortunately it never blooms.

  8. Your 4 Season Chicken quilt is looking gorgeous. Love it. It is bright and colorful.. Your Lavender is pretty. Glad the nursery will stay behind their mistaken. Happy Summer. Hugs Judy

  9. Beautiful flowers, love your creations!

  10. Chickens are gorgeous! Love the flying geese borders with it and yes hand quilting will look fantastic!
    Shame about the plum and yes only hidcote makes a decent hedge in my opinion. Gorgeous hydrangea blooms!
    I don't grow them here anymore as they do drink too much water in our summers. Might try a couple in pots though so I can move them around when needed.

  11. Your chicken quilt is colourful and fun to see. Your lavender hedge will be so fragrant when you get the correct one flowering. The one near the roses is very pretty though.


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