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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Scandinavian Rose 14 and signs of autumn

At last, the last stitchery block, number 14, of Scandinavian Rose BOM quilt is finished!

Now I have to decide what to do with  14 stitcheries. I don't think I will follow the original pattern, which suggest borders in red and white patchwork. 
I have no definite idea yet, well, there is no rush..

The nice weather is still with us, but it is beginning to feel like autumn, with early morning mist.
When that clears, there is still lots of colour in our garden.

              The spiders have been busy.

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  1. Hello Radka, Love Scandinavian Rose blocks They are all so pretty. Another project nearly finished.Your cobwebs from the garden make a nice header.

  2. What a great header! Your pictures are amazing! And your embroided block is very pretty!

  3. Dear Radka,
    Beautyful stitching and a wonderful garden - enjoy the early autumn feeling -

  4. Well done! Can't imagine getting to the 14th block!!! I am only on block 6.

  5. As allways a beautiful block :-) and the photos are all so great.
    Greetings from rainy and grey Denmark,

  6. lovely stitching and the garden is looking amazing wow some big spiders down south they say there are masses of them about at the moment but have not found many here mind you I would love some of those amazing webs such clever little creatutres

  7. Excellent well done it looks gorgeous your stitching is just beautiful. I will be interested to see what you end up doing with them. Beautiful pictures !!!

  8. Dear Radka,
    the Scandinavian Rose is beautiful and your garden, too!

    LG Klaudia

  9. How wonderful, the spiders' work - and those colours. I like the colour of your wooden wall. Your garden looks wonderful - You first and then autumn are doing great.

  10. Love the Scandinavian Rose blocks, they will look very striking when put together.

    Your garden looks just beautiful and is such a credit to you. Especially the red/yellow ones, not sure what they are, they are spectacular.

  11. Your stitchery block is beautiful, and so is your garden. Such lovely colours!

  12. That big spider looks like an orb spider, similar to the ones we have here, I think. The photos of the webs look lovely. The garden is full of colour-- very inviting.

  13. What a beautiful garden, your photos are breathtaking! The Scandinavian Rose is very pretty but your photos are stunning!

  14. Beautiful stitching! I have this pattern but haven't started yet - too many other projects calling me!

  15. Beautifully stitched and I am sure you will find the right finish for them in time.

  16. Love those photos of the webs too. Spiders are amazing weavers


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