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Sunday, 5 July 2015

another block done at FNwF and Afghan squares

Firstly big thank you to Cheryll for hosting another FNwF - is it July already? 
At last we are having something resembling summer and I get to do some stitching in the garden.
My Friday night project was finishing the block on the Indigo quilt, my "play cloth", which I started in my previous post. I just let the fabrics and thread to guide me, and this is the end product.

I decided to incorporate into  my Indigo quilt 4 embroidered squares from  German - Afghan Initiative, which I wrote about here . 

These squares are made by Afghan girls and women (for which they get paid directly) and then sold at various fabric and craft shows across Europe, with the hope that fabric artists will incorporate them in their work. You can see pictures of some of these from a touring exhibition on my Pinterest (see link on the left side bar). I have created a board just for them.

 I bought my 4 squares at shows in UK during past 2 years or so.

This is the first of them stitched onto my Indigo quilt.

This quilt is getting a really international flavour - the original inspiration, indigo fabrics and some of the threads for it came from Tiggy, who lives here in England, but would "rather be in India",
it will include embroidery done by Afghan women, and is stitched by me (a Czech) living in England.

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  1. What amazing fabrics you are using. They look beautiful....

  2. It is all looking gorgeous - those little houses? are stunning as are the Afghan squares. I have some of those waiting to be used and will do when I find the right project. We had an exhibition here a few years back of pieces of work incorporating one or more of those squares. One of my friends had a piece included - it was a touring exhibition. Somewhere I have photographs - I will try to hunt them out. xx

  3. good to see the Afghan squares used in the project, wondered what you had done with them. Play cloth looking good too and so colourful. Like you I had a stitching session on the garden then had to rush in as it suddenly went very cold and the Heavens opened!

  4. Beautiful international assembly, and happy to be able to see it. (from another country - Germany)

  5. That is what you call International and a small world. The colours are vibrant-- beautiful.

  6. This is magnificent! I LOVE vision!

  7. Oh Radka... you are so clever! If I let my fingers lead me I'd end up round the bend! :o) Your stitching is gorgeous and those little houses are so pretty. Love that you are incorporating those wonderful Afgan blocks into your quilt they look great. Have fun with your project....xxx

  8. Proper job Radka! I love the way the quilt is coming on. The little houses beautiful and the Afgan squares look right at home.

  9. this is certainly going to be an oh so interesting quilt when completed.
    we too are enjoying some sun dare I say it is a bit too hot sometimes! but lovely to sit out in and stitch house work etc can wait for another day!


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