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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

this week

We are having a wonderful sunny day today, but what a week it was until yesterday! Cold, rain, cold; the weather people even mentioned the word "frost" more than once! We even put our heating on last Friday and there is an extra quilt on our bed - plenty of those in our house :-).

It was the kind of weather you just want to turn to "comfort" food. I made some bread, new to me, Portuguese Broa bread.  

Not "stitching in the garden" weather by any stretch of imagination, but I am working on another block on my indigo quilt.

I have now stitched on the four embroideries from Afghanistan Initiative, see my post here .

I will be adding even more international flavour to this quilt.
This week arrived my order of two embroideries from Tambani - South African project, about which I wrote before here .
The embroideries are made by Venda women in north of South Africa; it is a way of not only preserving their folk tales, but also earning an extra income to help their families.
You can read all about Tambani here .

I look forward to adding these two stories to my quilt.

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  1. Portuguese Broa??? It's very very good. Where do you get the receipt?
    Our broa (=bread) looks darker

  2. Look's like your weather finally turn for better. The bread look's interesting, is it made from corn flour ? Your quilting is very professional as always.

  3. your bread looks delicious, love a good bread. The project with the Afghan fabrics is looking good and the indigo quilt is coming along so well. Good to here your weather has picked up, still very dismal here in Leeds and more rain expected today. Makes more time for stitching as the garden cannot be done!

  4. We are finally having our first proper rain for 6 weeks and my goodness do we need it! So glad I got out and cleared the dris from a few borders yesterday. Your shisha block is great and I love the additions of the Afghan embroideries (I have got mine out fom the drawer they were hiding in and I must do something with them!) and the African ones are beautiful. xx

  5. The bread looks delicious, love your afghan embroideries and indigos !!

  6. Very particular and original the result is very beautiful!


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