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Sunday, 13 September 2015

first signs of autumn

There is not much stitching going on at the moment. DH has been putting a new kitchen in, and as I am quite often asked to "measure this, or hand me that or hold this", I have given up on creative time of my own, for now...

Autumn is here, children have gone back to school, but the last week of school holiday we took grandchildren for a morning out to Stourhead, the usual walk around the lake, not so exiting at the moment, still waiting for autumn colour,
although there are some hints here and there.

We took a longer route back to the car park, up past the house, through the wall gardens, where the NT staff grow, among other things, plants for the shop, including scented leaves pelargoniums.

There are some lovely hydrangeas around too.

Few other interesting pictures from our walk, which could be an inspiration for an embroidery perhaps. 

Few days later DH and I drove back to Stourhead Estate again , this time to have our usual walk through the forest surrounding the house and gardens.

Here are definite signs of autumn and mushroom season, some edible, some not.

And the king of them all, the Cep.
This is a good sign for the mushroom picking season.

In the garden we harvested our first plums,
from a young tree planted only a year ago.

Enjoy your week!

© 2015


  1. The Stourhead Gardens are really gorgeous. Great that you can just go for a walk through the woods when you want to.

  2. loving the photos, you know I loved Stourhead when I visited and love seeing it again,

  3. Lovely pictures of Stourhead Radka - thank you. It is years since I have been there and it used to be a favourite when I lived in Somerset. xx

  4. Nádherné fotky, Radko!
    Přeji hezké dny, Helena

  5. Dear Radka,
    how nice it is to see photos of Stourhead. It reminds me of my wonderful trip to England. Thanks for sharing! Have a sunny weekend.


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